Reader Photos

Reader Photos

Thank you to everyone who has sent me photos of doors they've seen in their travels (or while laying on the couch).  Kelly Chimilar from Allmar Inc. noticed these doors with an obvious egress problem while watching Thursday Night Football.  If you don't know what the problem is, I will hold a special online study session for you after work tonight.  ;)

More Reader Photos

These ALL came from Jeff Tock, one of our national trainers who spends most weeks traveling around conducting classes and sees a lot of doors in the process.  Jeff will be here in New England in a few weeks conducting the "Preparing for a Fire Door Inspection" class for facilities.  If you work for a hospital, school, university, or other type of facility in the area and want to make sure that you're prepared, let me know and I'll put you on the invitation list.

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Reader Photos

Holy smokes!  I guess I haven't posted reader photos for a while because I have SO MANY piled up in my e-mailbox.  I have a really busy week and I'll be traveling to Connecticut to do a fire door inspection, so I won't have a lot of time for those wordy, informative posts you all love so much.  :-)  Instead, I'll get my e-mailbox cleaned out and post the photos sent in by blog readers.  I really need to think of a catchy nickname for fans of this blog - like Trekkies (Star Trek fans) and Gleeks (fans of the TV show Glee).  Got any ideas?

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Force = Mass x Acceleration

Since it's one hour until Friday and I've had a very long week trying to catch up from being on vacation, here's some door-humor (yes, really).  It's an automatic door on the Columbia University Physics building.  The auto operator was being replaced with an LCN Senior Swing, but the installers were struggling through the installation without a wiring diagram, which can be extremely tough if there's other hardware involved.  I feel a site visit coming on.

Another Gravity Closer

I'm off to Carmel this week so it's going to be a busy one.  I don't know if I'll get to the next smoke door post but I'll post some more application photos to tide you over.  Here's another gravity closer with a bonus padlock on a temperature rise egress door.  And before someone comments that these don't need to be temp rise doors, this opening is in Israel so I'm not sure which code was in use when they were installed.

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Gravity Closer

I think I'm onto something...asking everyone to send their vacation photos of oddball hardware applications has already netted me several, including this photo of a gravity closer from Quebec City.  The cable goes from the face of the door, through the pulley that the brown outfit is hanging on, then through another pulley and attaches to a weight that the green outfit is hanging on.  Complicated, but pretty inexpensive as long as you don't need door control.  ;-)

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Retrofit Dogging Pin

I've seen lots of creative ways of dogging fire exit hardware, but this one gets an "E" for Effort (along with an "F" for Fail).  These devices are on fire doors in a hotel ballroom, and while someone went to great lengths on this modification, these doors are supposed to be self-latching to compartmentalize the building during a fire.  The doors also had kick-down holders, so they're not self-closing either.  :-(

Please Do Not Sit

My old buddy George Nimee used to tell a story about a school custodian who put black grease on the top of all the closer arms in the school.  When the kids jumped up and grabbed the closer arm their hands would get all greasy, they'd wipe their hands on their shirts, and the custodian would know who'd been hanging on the closer arm.  Ingenious!

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Hotel Meeting Rooms

It's a little scary how excited I get when I find photos in my inbox...mostly because it makes the subsequent post pretty easy and I don't have to try to make the doors I see during my own wanderings meaningful.  I received these photos from one of our esteemed trainers, who travels around teaching people about hardware.  Any hardware people who have attended a class in a hotel meeting room can vouch for the scary hardware applications you can find there.

Doors of the Hurva

It has been a while since I've received a new batch of photos from Israel but these were worth the wait.  The Hurva is a reconstructed synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem, with a long, storied history.  Construction on the original synagogue began in the early 1700's, but the unfinished building was destroyed in 1721.   It was rebuilt in 1864 and destroyed again in 1948.  The most recent reconstruction began in 2005, and the reconstructed synagogue was officially opened on March 15, 2010.

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Full Surface Hinge

I've been writing a lot about fire doors lately, and specifically about what bad condition many existing fire doors are in.  The codes have always required fire doors to be kept in good working order, but with the specific requirement for the annual inspection of fire doors it will hopefully bring more of these deficiencies to light.

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