I received a giant batch of photos today from a deputy fire marshal, and I could barely wait to post them.  Whenever I get photos or comments from code officials I feel like the nerdy kid who got to sit with the cool kids at lunch one day.  🙂

My favorite photo of the bunch is the one on the right.  According to the fire marshal, the facility had a wind problem and screwed the angle to the face of the door and the jamb, I guess so the door wouldn’t blow open.  Wow.

Here are some other great examples of what a fire inspector sees in his or her travels.  Enjoy!

In my late-night stupor I thought the next two photos were of the same door, but luckily DFM Dan cleared it up for me.  I’m sure someone would have pointed out the missing transom eventually!  Check out Dan’s comment for more info.

Thank you to Deputy Fire Marshal Dan Wiltse, of the Bluffton Township Fire District for sending these photos and letting me sit with the cool kids.

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