Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

Today's winner of the 5th-birthday gift card is Dan Droker of CCI Automated Technologies, who sent me some great photos from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. It makes me happy to imagine some of you embarrassing your spouses and kids by taking door photos during family outings. My family has begun to automatically sense when a door piques my interest, and they make themselves scarce. Except the little one who wants to be in every picture...

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LL Bean – What’s Missing?

We were on a mini-vacation earlier in the week, which is my excuse for forgetting two things.  First, my pal Zeke Wolfskehl is in search of some research that I remember hearing about but have never been able to find documentation for.  Maybe it's an urban legend, but I know that I heard/read somewhere that a pair of doors with a mullion allows more efficient egress than a pair of doors without a mullion.  Do any of you remember where that was written?  I need a lead to pursue.

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Full Height Pulls

No matter how much time I spend thinking about doors and hardware (that's so sad), there's always someone waiting in the wings with a question or problem I haven't thought of yet.  When I worked for a hardware distributor, that usually meant that because I had never thought about that particular issue before, I had doors on a jobsite that were going to cost us time and money to fix.  Now that most of my work is earlier in the process (spec-writing), there's usually plenty of time to catch any coordination issues before the doors are actually fabricated.

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Door Pulls

Almost every week someone asks me about the clearance behind door pulls.  Many manufacturers' catalogs show certain pulls with a symbol indicating that they are accessible, and other pulls without the symbol.  About 10 years ago I called the Department of Justice (ADA), the International Code Council (CABO back then), and the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (521 CMR) to get the real scoop.  All 3 agencies told me that there was no specific dimension required for clearance behind a door pull.  I was recently asked this question about a cabinet pull, so I made all 3 calls again to make sure I wasn't missing something.  I was again told that you need to be able to slide a flat hand behind the door pull, and to open the door without gripping the pull.  During both research projects I asked about a closed fist and was told that the clearance was not required to be large enough for a closed fist.

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