Holy smokes!  I guess I haven’t posted reader photos for a while because I have SO MANY piled up in my e-mailbox.  I have a really busy week and I’ll be traveling to Connecticut to do a fire door inspection, so I won’t have a lot of time for those wordy, informative posts you all love so much.  🙂  Instead, I’ll get my e-mailbox cleaned out and post the photos sent in by blog readers.  I really need to think of a catchy nickname for fans of this blog – like Trekkies (Star Trek fans) and Gleeks (fans of the TV show Glee).  Got any ideas?

Hal Kelton of DoorData Solutions sent in some photos of what happens to fire-rated doors on server rooms after I.T. takes over:

From Andy Olson of Reliable Glass and Door, a hot mess that includes a not-so-armored-cable door loop, a naked closer, and a swiss cheese frame:

From Brian Barrett of Architectural Door & Hardware of NY, a “creative” stop solution for the laundry room (ick):

And from Morriss Johnson of VLK Architects, some very tall floor stops (tape recorder is for scale):

I ran across this photo on Flickr and the photographer gave me permission to post it here.  I’m guessing this door is no longer meant to be a means of egress, because the fire escape makes it impossible to open more than a few inches.  Thank you to Alex Hansen for allowing me to post the photo.  Alex told me that he has added my blog to his list of things to check out when he’s supposed to be working.  🙂

And here’s another cool one from Flickr, posted with permission from Nessachan.  The door is located in Wheeling, West Virginia.

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