It’s been a while, so here are some of the many photos I’ve received from y’all…

Eric Miles of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies saw some evidence that a flush end cap has advantages…

End Cap

And he also sent me a photo of one of my favorite special templates (LCN has more than 3,000 special templates!).  Anyone know the purpose of this modification?

Special Template Track

Safety Dave sent me this one…this application never seems to be detailed correctly so it almost always requires some job-site finagling.

180 Closer

These photos from Milt Allred of Comsense gave me flashbacks to my trip to Nashville.  At least this time I can guess why…they can’t find the key!

Zip Tie Dogging 1

Zip Tie Dogging 2

I’m not sure where this one originated, but someone was looking for help identifying these locks…look familiar?  🙂

Upside Down

From one of my Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies colleagues, an example of an exterior gate with panic hardware.  These are not as common in schools here on the East Coast, but I hear they’re very common in West Coast schools.  Anyone see the problem?

School Gate

School Gate

I was looking for a photo of two closers on the same door a while back, and I recently received two!  One from Eric Tengowski of Engineering Specialties, and one from Tom Kearns of Security Lock Distributors.

Double Closer

Double Closer

Oh chute!  Not again!  From one of my fire marshal pals:

Open Chutes

More Chutes

From Wayne Ficklin, seen on an evening visit to his local supermarket (yes, there was an exit sign pointing to the doors):

Blocked Aisle

Blocked Doors

Thank you to all, and keep ’em coming!

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