I love to receive photos from people who read my blog, and a couple of weeks ago I hit the jackpot.  Within 24 hours I received a bunch!

First, a set from Andy Lindenberg, one of our specwriters from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies – Great Lakes (note the location of the exit sign above the door swinging out of the gym):

Obstructed Egress Door From Gym The Obstruction

Then a couple from Al Wylie of Horner Commercial Sales of an interesting locking/alarm device that he saw at Walmart:

Alarm Device Close-Up

And from Hal Kelton of DoorData Solutions, a fire-rated hotel room door with clearances in excess of 3/16″:

Gap Gap

And finally, some photos that came from a fire marshal.  The door leads to a small room and then through another door to the corridor, and is the second means of egress from the classroom:

Storage Storage Closeup

Thanks everyone, and keep ’em coming, people!

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