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Egress Through Automatic Sliding Doors

Although there is a section in the I-Codes dedicated to automatic doors, this section does not address the hardware used for security and egress. Locks for automatic sliding doors are covered in other sections of the model codes.

Accessibility Requirements for Operable Hardware and Door Control Devices

In this article for Door Security + Safety, I have used information from various sources to support interpretations of the intent of the accessibility standards.  If you have anything to add, leave a comment asap!

Allegion 101: Secure the Door – Intro to Schlage Cylinders, Keys, and Key Systems

The Allegion 101 training series was designed for people who are new to the industry, new to the Allegion family of brands, or just want to learn more about hardware.  The video in today's post is an introduction to Schlage cylinders, keys, and key systems.

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Today Show: “An exclusive look at new security measures to keep schools safe”

Yesterday, the Today Show on NBC ran a story about how school districts are addressing security - including the role of the doors and locks. With mainstream media covering physical security, this important information will reach millions of people.

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