The photos from readers have piled up in my inbox again – thank you to everyone who has submitted them!  I will post more next week and try to get the pile under control.  I’ve also had a couple of requests for help…

Kelly Corbett of Corbett Lock needs some help replacing a key for this Folger Adam lock.  Any ideas?

Brass Rim Lock



Andrew Harris of Willis Klein is trying to identify the manufacturer of this pocket door lock.  Does it look familiar?



Edge Pull

Pocket Door Lock

Casey Cohorst of Allegion saw yet another creative dogging application…

More Dogging

Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems in Israel sent me this creative solution for a door in a firing range.  This device was added because of the pressure created by the air circulation system, which slams the door closed.

Firing Range

Firing Range

And finally (for now), this photo was tweeted to me (cool!) by David Bishton of Construction Rx.  Do you see any potential issues?

Double Egress Pair

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