My friend Nolan Thrope of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies really knows how to make a girl cry:

Now that I think about it, Jeff Tock of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies makes me cry too:

I know Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd. is NOT responsible for any of these applications, but I love when he sends me his photo collections:



Le Ann Queen from Taylor, Cotton & Ridley sent me these photos of a door in Jacksonville, Florida that had been caught by the wind and ripped out of the opening.  I’m glad I wasn’t the person opening the door!


Hal Kelton from DoorData Solutions sent me some creative mag-holder modifications:


Jon Bossie from Surveillance Specialties takes no credit for this application – a bifold door with a card reader, but thought we would all like to see it.


And from Mark Schustek of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a photo of the keys embedded in the parking lot of Webster Lock and Hardware in the Bronx.  Mark said that there are hundreds of keys!

Thanks everyone!!

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