I know it’s not Wordless Wednesday, but this photo from Alec Walsh of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies definitely left me wordless!

Plunger Hold-Open

This photo of a retail store’s emergency exit was sent by a code official asking what I though of the set-up.  It looks to me like an alarmed device and a delayed egress mag-lock.  There’s no reason that you can’t have an alarm and also a delayed egress mag-lock, but it sure looks ugly.  The signage is a bit conflicting, and directing people to “please use other door” could be confusing.

Delay and Alarm

Mark Sienkiewicz of Florence Lock and Key found this creative fix when he was replacing an exit device.  It looks like some of my husband’s handiwork.  😀

Rigged Up Panic

These photos came from Secured Design LLC – somebody knows that I love beautiful doors!  This door is on a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky…I think it’s a long way from its original home.

Indian Door

Indian Door Transom

This photo came all the way from Korea, and was sent by Hyun Myung Kang.  This door is 13′ tall and has no intermediate pivots.  If you zoom in on the top-right pivot, you can see that it is failing.  I wouldn’t want to be in the way when this comes tumbling down.

13 Foot Door

More reader photos to come!  I’m doing some spring cleaning!

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