Notre Dame InteriorEvery day I find a new excuse to avoid reading and writing about smoke doors.  I swear I’ll get back to them, but as construction gets rolling again we’re getting really busy.

My latest excuse arrived via email this morning.  Some of my friends just went to Paris, and one of them sent me a photo that she took for me inside the Notre Dame Cathedral.  As code issues go, it’s a common application, although it looks like a plastic chain which would discourage use of the doors without actually preventing egress.  But what’s amazing is that I have now begun to convert my friends into people who look at doors.  Imagine if everyone knew that egress doors have to allow free egress, and fire doors have to be self-closing and self-latching.  The world would be a better place!

As you travel this summer, send me photos of interesting doors that you see (and help me avoid researching smoke doors indefinitely! )   🙂  Maybe I’ll order some idighardware key chains or bumper stickers to send out as thank-you’s.

Notre Dame Door

Thank you to my friend Gia for sending this photo.  🙂

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