Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd. sent me a plethora of photos recently.  I think he sent his entire “Creative Closers of Israel” file.  🙂

Steve Poe of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies found this door at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City:

And from Dave Saltmarsh of Westfield State College, a couple of nice retrofit openings which previously had equal leaf pairs that didn’t provide 32″ clear opening, a photo of a rated frame that I call “Three Strikes”, and a classic – 5″ full-mortise hinges surface-mounted on the face of the door, screwed through the door, the hinges, and a furring strip.  According to Dave, the door fell off.  He is not responsible for this repair of the use of a furring strip.

I’m going to keep cleaning out the e-mailbox, but feel free to send more photos if you’ve got some to share!  Thanks all!

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