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New Requirements for Glass

Building codes have historically contained requirements for safety glass in and adjacent to doors, with an exception that allowed the use of traditional wired glass in fire-rated doors and frames. There was a time when traditional wired glass was the only option for fire-rated doors, but that is no longer the case. The 2003 Edition […]

Blumcraft Center Housing

I am running into more and more all-glass doors on my projects, and in the words of one of the contractors I’m working with, “Doors are being asked to do things they’ve never done before.”  I’ve had large glass panels pivoting at the center, glass doors acting as opening protectives in fire-rated walls, and glass doors […]

Glass Doors with Electric Strikes

I’m currently working on several projects that have glass doors in walls that are acting as 1-hour fire barriers with closely-spaced sprinkler heads above the glass.  The problem with this application from a hardware standpoint is that the Blumcraft, CR Laurence, and Dorma Glas panic hardware that is typically used on glass doors does not […]

Bottom Rail Deadlock

Years ago, glass doors were commonly locked with a deadlock in the bottom rail.  Many of these doors are still in use, but in order to comply with current codes, I don’t recommend the use of a bottom rail deadlock on most new projects.  Assuming that the glass door is a required egress door and/or […]

Glass Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, one of our specwriters called to ask me this question and I knew the answer immediately.  Then…hmmm…I thought about it, and talked to myself for a while as he sat on the other end of the phone waiting for both of my selves to come to an agreement. It was […]

Lite Location

When I started working in the hardware industry, we regularly supplied doors with a 10″ x 10″ vision lite (type V in the Steelcraft graphic below), which was typically installed approximately 63″ from the center of the lite to the floor.  This configuration would no longer be acceptable according to some current accessibility standards.  The […]

Glass Door Fails

I’m not a big fan of glass doors because the options for hardware are so limited, but they do supply some interesting fail moments. You’d think that after multiple people ran into the same sidelite, they’d stick on some fake snowflakes or something… Video compilation courtesy of You need to login or register to […]

Glass (and Glasses)

Someone asked me a question recently that I had to stop and think about. In the old days, wire glass could only be used in fire doors. It could not be used in non-rated doors. The question was, “Can the wire glass that meets the impact resistance requirements be used in non-rated doors?” The answer […]

Glass Door Hardware

I spend a lot of time with architects, and sometimes I’m put in the awkward position of having to talk them out of trying to do something with doors that hasn’t been successfully done before.  Many times this involves glass doors, which are becoming more common, yet still have very few options for hardware.  It’s […]

RM Global

A couple of weeks ago I got a notification that someone wanted to connect with me on LinkedIn, and it turned out to be an architect that I worked with on several projects many moons ago, Reese Schroeder.  When I checked out his profile I found that he is the co-founder and Director of Product […]

Reader Photos: Cruise Ship Doors

I have received SO MANY reader photos lately – THANK YOU!  Jim White of Doornorth & Millwork Specialties sent me a whole bunch of door photos from a recent cruise that he went on.  I think I need to go do some research! Does anyone know what the little hinged panel is at the bottom […]

The Parthenon – Nashville, Tennessee

I’ve been to Nashville a few times, but somehow I missed seeing the replica of the Parthenon while I was there.  Luckily I received some reader photos of the gigantic doors there, and I also found some photos on Flickr and obtained permission to share them here.  Nashville’s replica of the Parthenon was originally built for Tennessee’s 1897 Centennial […]

Q&A: Mounting Height for Glass Lites

Question:  Is there a requirement for the location of a glass lite in a door or sidelite? Answer:  Yes!  For many years there has been a requirement in ICC A117.1 – Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities, which is referenced by the International Building Code and other publications.  If a door has a vision lite […]

Fire and Egress Doors in the News

Here are some recent news stories you might be interested in reading… Daniel Ferraris, retired locksmith, sells NYC master keys on eBay – Huffington Post The Post cited two FDNY sources saying that one master firefighter key could send all the elevators in a building — any building — out of service, trapping thousands of […]

Leaving Las Vegas

My trip to CoNEXTions 2012 in Las Vegas last week was a whirlwind!  There were so many people that I didn’t have a chance to catch up with – I don’t know if I can wait until CoNEXTions 2014 in Dallas! The day I was heading home, I got up early (at least by Las […]

Addressing the Hazards of Traditional Wired Glass

I apologize for the delay in posting…there were some problems on the server side.  Thanks for your patience! I’ve been thinking a lot about traditional wired glass recently.  It may seem like old news, since the International Building Code changes affecting the impact-resistance of glass began a decade ago, but given the dangers of the […]

Traditional Wired Glass in the News

This is the second post in a series about the hazards of traditional wired glass (read the first post here). I was recently in the warehouse of a local door and hardware supplier, and I saw stacks of wired glass for various sizes of glass lites in fire doors.  None of this glass was marked […]

More Wired Glass in the News

A couple of weeks ago I started a series of blog posts about the hazards of traditional wired glass.  I showed you some examples of traditional wired glass installed where it shouldn’t be, and linked to some news reports which described incidents involving traditional wired glass.  In case those didn’t convince you that we have […]

IBC Requirements for Safety Glazing – Impact Resistance

In a previous post, I talked about where safety glazing is required, but what IS safety glazing?  More from the 2009 IBC: 2406.1.1 Impact test. Except as provided in Sections 2406.1.2 through 2406.1.4, all glazing shall pass the impact test requirements of Section 2406.2. Note that “all glazing” means “all glazing in hazardous locations.”  This […]

WW: The Art of Wired Glass

The jagged edges and shards formed by broken wired glass create hauntingly beautiful images, but may also leave life-long scars.  All of these images are published with permission from the artists.  Please do not duplicate them. Photo: Denise Love Photo:  Kurt Tavares Photo:  Daniel M. Photo:  Andy Stonnall Photo:  Marnie You need to login or […]

Glazing Identification

If you’ve been following this series about glass, you now know more about the standards for impact-resistance as well as which areas are considered hazardous locations.  But when you’re looking at a piece of glass installed in a door, sidelite, or other location where impact-resistance is required, how do you know if the glass is […]

Breaking Tradition (May 2013)

This post was printed in the May 2013 issue of Doors & Hardware [Click here to download the reprint of this article.] For many of us, the current area of focus with regard to school safety and security is protection from intruders, and with good reason.  Schools should be designed and equipped to keep children […]

A Time Bomb in Our Schools, Kenneth T. Lumb

Published here with permission from Safe Glass Consulting (click here to download a PDF reprint). When we send our children off to school, we trust that the teachers and administrators responsible for them will do everything reasonably possible to keep them safe. For that reason, school design and construction is one of the most highly […]

The Clock is Ticking

Last month I posted an article by Kenneth T. Lumb about the liability that schools carry with regard to non-impact-resistant wired glass.  I received a comment from former Oregon State Senator Vicki Walker, who has been an instrumental and passionate force in removing traditional wired glass from Oregon schools.  With her permission, I have posted […]

School District Settles for $2 Million and Apologizes

I’ve gotten in the habit of looking at wired glass to see if it has a certification mark for impact-resistance.  Almost none of the existing wired glass that I’ve seen has the mark, which means that unless it has field-applied film (I haven’t spotted any film yet), it is extremely hazardous.  When I see kids […]

WW: Are the kids to blame?

Last Friday I posted an article about a school district settlement with a student, after a severe injury due to impact with traditional wired glass.  The article mentioned that a “15-year-old high school student fell while climbing atop a stack of rolled up wrestling mats.”  What the article didn’t say was that the mats had […]

WW: Low Narrow Lite

I received today’s photo from Brenda Dove of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  I wonder if that glass is impact-resistant… You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Traditional Wired Glass Will Not Stop a Bullet

Most days, I feel like the information I send out into the cosmos helps to make the world a little bit safer.  But every so often I want to cry from frustration, because misinformation can travel just as quickly and send unsuspecting readers down the wrong path. In the past year I have written a […]

School Security in the News

If you search Google News for the words “school” and “security”, the search engine will return millions of results.  There are stories about many cities, states, and school districts working on plans and funding to increase the safety and security of their schools.  There are reports about incidents at schools, and products that may help […]

Doors and Codes in the News

Open fire door killed 2 at Mont Blanc – The Free Press Journal Mumbai: The fire door that was left open near the stair case of the 12th floor of Mont Blanc building in Kemps Corner led to the death of the two domestic helps. Two domestic help of the 17th floor residents died due […]

WW: All Points Electric

This week’s Wordless Wednesday post is surveillance video of a break-in at All Points Electric in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. For educational purposes, what type of glass breaks like this?

Breaks on Impact, by Rob Botman

It has been a while since I’ve posted about the hazards of traditional wired glass, but the problem has not gone away.  Although the US codes have changed, there are millions of existing pieces of this glass in schools and other buildings.  Canada has seen several lawsuits lately – 1 worth more than 5 million […]

School Guard Glass

School Guard Glass is a new product that can retrofit existing 1/4″ glass at a cost of about $1,000-$1,200 per full glass door lite, and it kept the testing agent at bay for 6 minutes during independent testing. What do you think?

Security Screens for K-12 Entries

Windows and glass doors are among the most vulnerable access points in a school. Criminals can break glass to climb through or reach in and unlock the entry. The security industry has responded with two solutions to slow down a criminal looking to break into a school building…

WW: Shattered security – Surviving Red Lake teacher calls for change

I’ve written several posts about glass used in schools, and many posts about traditional wired glass (refer to the Glass tab above).  A reader recently shared the video below and although it was recorded several years ago it includes very valid information for schools to consider when addressing security.  I can’t embed the video, so […]

Construction Specifier: Hazards of Traditional Wired Glass

(Note: If you’re in the St. Louis area, there is a school security seminar coming up on July 22th, and there’s still space if you want to attend.) Today’s post: I haven’t posted much about traditional wired glass lately, but the hazard continues to be present in existing schools and other facilities…

WWYD? Too-high vision lights – frosted glass?

Some new fire doors were ordered and manufactured with 5-inch x 20-inch vision lights located with the bottom of the light about about 46 inches from the bottom of the door…

Allegion Acquires Advanced Fire-Rated Glass Products Manufacturer TGP

Are you familiar with Technical Glass Products (TGP)? They’re now part of our Allegion family! Here’s the latest news…

WWYD? Impact-Resistant Glazing/Film

The glazing goes hand-in-hand with the door hardware – even the most secure hardware can be overcome by breaking the glass.

Form, Function & Fire Safety: A Clearer View of Fire-Rated Glass and Framing

This video does a great job of summarizing the code requirements that apply to glass and glazing used in fire door assemblies and egress doors. Thanks TGP!

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