When you're faced with an opening where a floor stop or wall stop just won't work, you could use an overhead stop.  If that's not enough protection, you could use a door closer with advanced variable backcheck (AVB), which starts the backcheck (cushioning effect) earlier in the opening cycle and keeps the door from gaining momentum.  Or you could get creative and make your own stop, cover it with carpet so it looks pretty, and then buy a new door...

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Los Sostenedores de la Puerta

I'm getting ready to head home from Arc-US in San Diego (which has been a fabulous conference!), and wondering how long it will be before someone tweets a photo of me singing on stage with the Dueling Pianomen.  Until then, here's some signage the likes of which I've never seen before.  I'm in favor of signage to prevent door abuse.  Save the doors!

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Hospital Hardware

I'm sorry I've been incommunicado this week...sometimes life gets in the way of hardware.  When I agreed to lend a hand to my sister-in-law during the birth of my niece, I had no idea it would take 4 days!  The good news is that my niece has arrived, and I was able to spend 4 days wandering the hospital halls looking at the hardware.

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