Because there have been so many changes in code requirements pertaining to glass, and existing glass that does not meet current codes is so dangerous (particularly traditional wired glass), I wrote a series of posts to educate myself and my readers about the issues.  Here are links to the posts in that series.

Addressing the Hazards of Traditional Wired Glass – CBS News story and recent installations I’ve seen
Traditional Wired Glass in the News – news articles about injuries, liability, and recommendations
More Wired Glass in the News – 1983 news video and a letter from the mom of an injured teenager
IBC Requirements for Safety Glazing – Hazardous Locations – which locations are considered hazardous and require safety glazing
IBC Requirements for Safety Glazing – Impact Resistance – a summary of the 2 test standards for impact
The Art of Wired Glass – a Wordless Wednesday post showing broken wired glass used as art photography
Glazing Identification – how to decipher the marks on safety glazing
Evolution of the IBC Requirements for Safety Glazing – a description of what the various editions of the IBC require
IBC Requirements for Glazing in Athletic Facilities – requirements specific to gyms, basketball courts, and other athletic facilities
Breaking Tradition – published in Doors & Hardware magazine, May 2013
A Time Bomb in Our Schools, Kenneth T. Lumb – legal impact of failure to address the hazards of wired glass
The Clock is Ticking – response to Kenneth T. Lumb article from former Oregon Senator Vicki Walker
School District Settles for $2 Million and apologizes – USGlass News Network article on wired glass settlement
WW: Are the kids to blame? – Follow-up on previous post and how injuries occur
Breaks on Impact, Rob Botman – current wired glass situation in Canada
Traditional Wired Glass Will Not Stop a Bullet – misinformation about wired glass
School Guard Glass – a new product that can delay intruders

If you need a reminder of the code requirements for glass, click here to download the Safety Glazing Reference Card!  If you print it, cut it out, and fold it twice, it will be the size of a credit card and will fit right in your wallet.