As I’ve said before, it makes me really happy when people send me photos of door and hardware applications they’ve seen in the field.  I’m REALLY happy today because my inbox is full!

From Mark Little of National Millwork, I received a photo of this super-ugly application he found on the exterior door to the lobby of a function hall.  According to Mark, the cylindrical lock was mounted about 50″ above the floor.  Ick!  If it’s an egress door from a function hall my guess is that it should have panic hardware, and definitely not two separate locks (deadbolt and cylindrical).

Door Pull, Cylindrical Lock, and Deadbolt - Oh my!

From Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd. in Israel, a creative use for a lever handle:

Very Creative! Close-Up (with Instructions!)

And from Wes Lunsford, an Ingersoll Rand specwriter from the SSC-South office, some photos from an elementary school site survey.  The room was marked “Book Storage,” but actually doubled as the main electric room, the IT room, the laundry room, as well as the book storage room.  Space is tight in most of our schools, but this is out of hand!

IT Electrical Panels Book Storage!

Thanks everyone!  And speaking of things that make me happy, I just noticed this on Twitter.  I’m feelin’ the love right now!


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