Here’s a big group of reader photos from the emailbox!

Hal Kelton of DoorData Solutions spotted this modification to a magnetic holder in a hospital, and a padlocked classroom door.  🙁

Hospital Mag Holder

School Padlock  School Padlock 2

Paul Goldense of Goldense Building Products sent me these photos of a heavy duty door stop on a manufacturing facility:

Spring Stop 2

Spring Stop

More photos from the Polar Vortex, from Jim Garbacz of Allegion.  Note that these are DKB aluminum doors…

Aluminum Door  Aluminum Door

And here’s another example of how cold weather can affect some hardware, from Bob Jutzi…

Broken Lever

Speaking of the Polar Vortex, check out this door on a research station in Antarctica (link sent by John Gant of Allegion):

Justin Ritter from ASSA ABLOY saw these doors in an airport.  I guess the Chexit delayed egress devices weren’t enough of a deterrent so they added the high-security strap.  What do you think about the delayed egress signage stenciled on the glass?  Is it visible enough to meet the intent of the code?

Blocked Airport Exit

When I posted a photo of a split hinge used on a dutch door, Gerry Austin sent me this one.  I think this is a much better application!

Continuous Hinge for Dutch Door

This one is from Fail Blog.  Hopefully it’s not a fire door.

Computer Door Stop

And finally, Darren Patton of Isenhour Door sent me some great examples of what not to do…

A labeled stair door with a plunger hold-open:

Stair Door with Plunger Stop

A fire door that does not stay closed and latched because it’s missing something important…

Fire Door No Strike  Fire Door No Strike

And a door with a delayed egress device and a double cylinder deadbolt.  Sometimes facility personnel think that they can install non-code-compliant locks if they only use them “after hours.”  But the IBC does not differentiate between occupied and unoccupied conditions when it comes to egress.  When modifications like this are allowed, the added locks often end up being used when the building is occupied.  Another consideration is the safety of firefighters who may be in the “unoccupied” building and find themselves trapped.

Delayed Egress with Deadbolt

Delayed Egress with Deadbolt

Thank you to everyone for sending the photos!

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