I have A LOT of photos that have been sent in by readers of this blog – THANK YOU!  Here is the first batch, which all feature closers in various states of problematic.

I received this one from Curtis Meskus, a building commissioner.  This is installed on a 40″ wide door, which “hits you on the way in.”  I didn’t do very well in physics class, but I think I’ve spotted the problem:

Closer Installation Problem

Here’s another closer problem, from Nolan Thrope of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  In addition to having two locks (must have lost the key to one!), the closer templating seems to be a bit off.  That’s what happens when your door and frame are “swiss cheese”

Closer Templating Problem

Nolan also sent me this one…they should have read about arched door closers before commencing installation:

Arched Door Closer

Can anyone see the problem here?  It was sent by Eric Rieckers of Yadon Construction Specialties, who I’m guessing was called to the jobsite for an installation issue.

Need a Special Template

And finally (for now), here’s an application from my personal collection.  I saw this gate last fall when we visited a museum in Tennessee.  I’ve seen random heavy objects used as closers before, but what caught my eye about this one was the “handicapped exit” sign.  This gate definitely didn’t meet the ADA requirements for closing speed.

Handicapped Exit

Kettle Closer

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