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Feb 20 2018

WWYD? Truck Stop Showers

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How would you handle this access-control request?

A truck stop / rest area facility includes a bank of individual restrooms with showers, intended to be used by truck drivers.  A driver will purchase a shower and receive a receipt with a unique access code for the lock.  A monitor screen near the shower area shows the condition of each shower room – whether it is in use, available, awaiting cleaning, or assigned to a particular access code.

When a shower becomes available it is assigned to the next driver waiting for a room, and the driver has a prescribed period of time to use their access code to enter the assigned room.  Ideally, a text message would alert the driver to the availability of their room.

When the driver uses the access code to enter the room, the status of the room automatically changes to “in use,” until the driver exits the room and the status changes to “cleaning in progress.”  When the room has been cleaned, the status is updated in the system and the room is automatically assigned to the next driver in the queue.

And of course, the solution must comply with the requirements for egress and accessibility.

WWYD?  Have you seen a system like this?

Feb 19 2018

Code Requirements for Electromagnetic Locks (video)

Category: Egress,Electrified Hardware,VideosLori @ 12:42 pm Comments (4)

I receive questions on electromagnetic locks every single week. On one particularly memorable day (that I wish I could forget), I was asked by a security integrator to explain these two sections of the IBC to a state code board, so they would realize that only one section of the code should be applied to the door in question, not both.  Because of the way the code was written then, and lack of understanding/interest by the board, I was not able to convince them.  I failed!

Since then, changes have been made to the model codes to help avoid this confusion, and the IBC Commentary has been edited to make the intent more clear.  I hope this video sums up the requirements in a way that will help answer any remaining questions.  Please share it with anyone who needs to understand the code requirements that apply to mag-locks.

The rest of our whiteboard animation videos can be found on the Allegion Training page, or on the Videos page of

What other topics would you like to see addressed in future videos?

Feb 16 2018

FF: File-it Friday

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Locks & KeysLori @ 12:53 am Comments (11)

This is a classic. Gary Huizen of Huizen’s Locksmith Service posted today’s Fixed-it Friday photo on iDigHardware’s Facebook page, and I love it almost as much as these oldies but goodies.

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