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Oct 01 2014

WW: Hole in the Wall

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It’s Wordless Wednesday again!  When I was in Baltimore a few weeks ago, I was loitering around these pairs of fire doors leading from the exhibit hall to the service corridor…

Exhibit Hall Pairs

I first noticed the open holes in the frame, which are not allowed in fire door assemblies…

Exhibit Hall Latches

Then I took a step back and noticed this +/- 5-inch diameter hole in the wall.  The protection provided by a fire door assembly is only as good as the integrity of the wall that it’s part of!

Exhibit Hall Hole

Sep 30 2014

Hardware Finishes

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When I worked for a hardware distributor back in the 80’s, I had a secret hiding place where I kept my prized possessions…including a small cardboard “book” that contained samples of each of the common finishes used for hardware.  I had to keep it hidden, because people were always trying to steal it or rip out the little metal pieces to send as finish samples.  Once the finished piece was gone it was impossible to replace, and the finish sample books were really difficult to come by.

I just received a package from our AWESOME and accommodating marketing manager, Melany Whalin, and inside the box were 10 of the new Allegion finish sample binders!  I could hide them away, but because of my generous nature I’m going to send them to 10 of you!  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me something you’d like to see added to, or something about the site that helps to make your job a little easier.  I will pick 10 names at random and you can start looking for a secret hiding place to keep your new finish binder.

Image Binder Front  Finish Binder Open

The finishes included are:

BHMA # US # Finish
605 US3 bright brass
606 US4 satin brass
609 US5 satin brass, blackened
612 US10 satin bronze
613 US10B dark oxidized satin bronze, oil rubbed
619 US15 satin nickel plated
625 US26 bright chrome plated
626 US26D satin chrome plated
629 US32 bright stainless steel
630 US32D satin stainless steel
643e - aged bronze

If someone finds your secret hiding place and you need to replace one of the finish samples, you can contact your Allegion Architectural Services Rep, or call 866-809-7605.

A complete chart of the BHMA finishes is available on the BHMA website.

Sep 29 2014

Another Open Fire Door

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Columbus Apartment FireA 42-unit apartment building was destroyed by fire last week in Columbus, Ohio.  The fire began in a second-floor apartment, and the door to the apartment was left open when the resident evacuated.  According to investigators, fire doors in the corridor and stairwell were also propped open, allowing the smoke and flames to spread and leaving the residents no safe escape route.  Ten people were taken to the hospital for treatment from smoke inhalation and injuries caused by jumping from upper-story windows.  According to firefighters, the fire could have been contained to 1 or 2 units if fire doors were closed.

Apartment residents and property managers need to be educated about the purpose of their fire doors.  If the fire code for a particular jurisdiction references the 2007 edition of NFPA 80 or a subsequent edition, the fire doors are required to be inspected annually.  The 2013 edition of NFPA requires fire doors to be inspected after installation and after maintenance, in addition to the annual inspection requirement.  If the annual inspections are enforced, it is an opportunity to look for fire doors with deficiencies including defective closers and improper hold-opens.

Building owners are responsible for keeping their fire doors and egress doors in code-compliant condition, even if the inspection requirements are not being enforced in that jurisdiction.  Given the property loss in this particular fire, I’m not sure why an insurance company wouldn’t require annual inspections of fire doors to ensure that they are performing as designed and tested, and able to help prevent a fire of this magnitude the next time.

Have you seen increased enforcement of fire door inspections in your jurisdiction?


Investigators Search For Cause Of North Side Apartment Fire – WOSU

Battalion Chief David Ringley says the fire began inside of a second floor apartment. A resident who lives there noticed smoke and when he came back inside to get some belongings, he left his door open to the hallway.

Ringley says some fire doors in the hallway were also propped open.

“The doors, the smoke barriers and fire doors that lead from the corridor into the stair tower, had been blocked open prior to the fire…and that also allowed the fire and smoke to travel immediately into the stairwell, up that stairwell, got into the attic,” explains Ringley.


10 injured in apartment complex fire on North Side – The Columbus Dispatch

It was the smell of smoke that first alerted Linda Sulzbach. But only when she rushed from the North Side apartment into the hallway did she realize the danger.

The center stairwell of the three-story building, she said, roiled with fire.

“It was all complete flames,” she said. “The walls, everything. Just red fire everywhere.”

Sulzbach was among the dozens of people who escaped the fire yesterday morning at the Commons at Victoria Village, 4654 Tamarack Blvd. Some dropped their children to rescuers below before jumping out windows.

Ten people, including three children, were taken to hospitals for treatment of smoke inhalation and injuries related to their escape. All are expected to recover.


UPDATE: 3-Alarm NE Columbus Apartment Fire Ruled ‘Accidental’ – ABC On Your Side

Firefighters say fire doors designed to contain fires when closed were propped open.

If doors had been left shut, firefighters say the fire could have been contained to one or two apartments.

The roof collapsed and there’s extensive fire damage to the third floor.  Several residents jumped out of windows to avoid the flames while several others had to be rescued by firefighters.

More than 150 firefighters from half a dozen departments worked to get the fire under control Tuesday morning.

Firefighters say they had seven hoses spraying one thousand gallons per minute for nearly one hour. They used so much water they had to call the water department to pump up the water pressure in the area.

“We’re extremely lucky and I think that’s because of the time frame of this fire being at 8:30 a.m.,” said Battalion Chief Tracy Smith. “If this would’ve been a three or four in the morning, I don’t think the outcome would’ve been as great.”


10 injured, others displaced in Northeast Columbus Apartment Fire – NBC4


120 survivors of North Side apartment fire count blessings – The Columbus Dispatch

Mikesell, 26, and his father, Paul, stopped by the complex to find out when they might be able to get into the apartment to see whether anything is salvageable.

He said apartment officials told him the building will be condemned and that some first- and second-floor residents might be allowed to retrieve personal items by the end of the week.

Mikesell said he was sleeping on Tuesday morning when he heard a person telling someone to jump.

“I opened the door and the whole hallway was filled with grayish-black smoke,” he said. “People were screaming. I couldn’t see anything.”

Mikesell said a woman ran into his apartment, and he threw his TV through his bedroom window so they could climb out.

Photo:  WBNS-10TV

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