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Jul 25 2014

FF: Rod Guards

Category: Fire Doors,Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 12:58 am Comments (4)

Despite the panic hardware (not fire exit hardware) installed here, this is a fire door, according to Daniel Davis.

Hospital Pair a

Rod Guard a

Products installed as part of a fire door assembly must be listed or labeled for that purpose.  Components that are not listed or labeled must not be attached to the fire door and may void the label.  In two recent cases I have seen non-listed protective guards for hardware as well as blinds installed on fire doors.  The AHJ required them to be removed and the holes filled appropriately – with steel fasteners or the same material as the door and frame (there is also a fire door caulk available).

Thanks for the photos, Daniel!

Jul 24 2014

TBT: Wide Throw Hinge

These photos were sent in by Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd., after his recent trip to the US from Israel.  The photos were taken at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.  The home was built between 1902 and 1905, and is 35,000 square feet with 50 rooms!

There is sometimes confusion between a swing clear hinge and a wide throw hinge.  A swing clear hinge swings the door out of the opening when it is at 90 degrees (you can see some examples here).  The purpose of a swing clear hinge is to a) increase the clear opening width, or b) get the door out of the opening to avoid damage from carts, etc.

The hinges in these photos are wide throw hinges.  They are used when more clearance is required behind the door when it is opened to 180 degrees.  When I received the first 3 photos from Eyal, I asked if he had a photo illustrating the reason wide throw hinges were needed, and he sent the 4th photo to show “the rest of the story.”  The decorative columns project far enough that additional clearance is needed.  If wide throw hinges were not used, the doors would not open to 180 degrees.  Keep in mind that wide throw hinges will reduce the clear opening width which is measured with the door at 90 degrees.

Wide Throw Hinge

Wide Throw Hinge

Wide Throw Hinge

Decorative Column

Thanks for the photos, Eyal!  It was great to have lunch with you, Danny, and Jordan!

Jul 23 2014

WW: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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If you’re not an avid reader of Doors & Hardware (what??), you may not be familiar with the Real Openings column by Mark Berger of Securitech Mark’s photos ALWAYS leave me wordless.  With Mark’s permission, here are his photos from the July issue (click images below to enlarge, or click here to download):



Here’s another post with some interesting door signage.

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