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Aug 28 2015

FF: School Security Vault

Category: Fixed-it Friday,School SecurityLori @ 12:01 am Comments (11)

What do you think of this new Fixed-it Friday product idea?  It looks like it would be a little pricey and I’m not sure how a whole class would fit inside, but I give him credit for the engineering.  I could use one of these to hide from my kids.  :)

Aug 27 2015

Classroom Barricade Myths and Facts (video)

Category: School SecurityLori @ 8:22 am Comments (7)

Last month, along with a panel of experts, I presented the myths and facts about classroom barricade devices for the annual conference of the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM).  I recorded my portion of the presentation so I could post the myths and facts here.  Feel free to share the link with those considering the use of barricade devices, or any jurisdictions discussing the possibility of changing their codes.

Aug 26 2015

WW: Not So Fast

Seriously…this Wordless Wednesday photo makes me want to cry.

Threaded Rod

Posted with the permission of Ron Burgess Jr. of the Westport Fire Department (originally posted on the Truck Floor Training Facebook page).


Remember what these thumbnail photos are for?

Bird on Window

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