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Jan 30 2015

FF: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

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I really love this restaurant, but every time I go I wonder if someone approved this egress arrangement or it just sorta happened as they were hanging the drapes.  It’s a fairly small restaurant but I’m guessing it has an occupant load of just over 50.  Excuse the romantic mood lighting…I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by using the flash.

I have sat at a long table in front of this former exit for several large group meals.  Notice the Fixed-it Friday exit sign:

Italian Restaurant 1a

To reach the main entrance / exit, you go behind the table in the background, through the opening in the curtains far left, past the hostess stand in the little vestibule, and to the door under the exit sign:

Italian Restaurant 3a

And to reach the second exit, you go between the bar (left) and open kitchen (right), through the opening in the curtain, and out the door:

Italian Restaurant 2a

Let’s take a poll…

Jan 29 2015

New Products for Oversized Fire Door Clearances

Category: Fire DoorsLori @ 11:39 am Comments (4)

CEdge Seallearances in excess of those allowed by NFPA 80 are one of the most common problems with fire door assemblies, and can be very difficult to resolve.  National Guard Products has just released two new UL Certified accessories for excessive fire door clearances, which will help to bring many of these doors into compliance.  The catalog pages can be downloaded here and list prices are available on the NGP product pages (click images on the right).

NGP-Edge Intumescent Fire Seal (9200) can be used at the head and jambs when clearance measures between 1/8 inch and  5/16 inch.  The self-adhesive seal is listed for use on 20-minute rated UL10B and UL10C wood or hollow metal fire doors (including the hose stream test required for 20-minute doors in Canada).  The product can be mounted on the door edge or on the frame rabbet depending on aesthetic preference.  An NGP strike shim is also required for proper latchbolt engagement.

Door BottomNGP-Edge Intumescent Door Shoes (9250) can be used to address excessive clearance measuring up to 1 1/2 inch at the bottom of the door.  It is listed for use on 20 minute rated UL10B and UL10C wood or hollow metal fire
doors, and restricts the passage of smoke with a variety of gasketing combinations including nylon brush, neoprene, vinyl, and thermoplastic.

Roger Skold is the Technical Director at NGP, and he answered my questions about these products.  Here is a summary:

Is the edge seal material applied only where there are oversized clearances?  Yes, the material is only installed where the oversized clearance exists.   For example, if the problem is only at the head, the intumescent seal is installed at the head where the clearance is excessive, and the jambs are left as-is.

What happens at hardware locations – ie. a mortise lock?  Does the installer mount the intumescent above and below the lock?  Yes, it was tested as follows:  jamb mounted – above & below a 4-7/8” lock strike, door mounted – above and below an 8” mortise lock face.  Excessive clearance is less likely at the hinge edge, but the product can be used on the hinge jamb if necessary, and can be stopped above/below each hinge.

Is there any information available about the lifespan of the adhesive?  It is a tackified acrylic and basically once bonded is considered permanent.  The “shelf life” prior to installation is more important and is recommended as 1 year (will slowly degrade after that).

Can the intumescent edge seal be used at the meeting stiles of pairs?  The product was tested on single doors, so use at the meeting stiles would be subject to acceptance by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

If you have additional questions, leave them in the comment box and I will discuss them with Roger and update the post.

Jan 28 2015

WW: Don’t Dowel Doors

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:12 am Comments (8)

Paul Elliott sent me these Wordless Wednesday photos of retail egress issues he has run across.  When he mentioned the dowel to a store employee, the employee said, “No problem. We’ll untie it if there’s a fire.”  No joke.

Dowel 1

Dowel 2

Here’s another one…in this case the exit is blocked but also the fire alarm pull station and the fire extinguisher.  According to Paul this is typical for this store.  This got me thinking…I’m POSITIVE that someone from the fire department has seen this door at some point (and many of the other issues that we see), yet the problems remain.  I’m working on some ways to get this community to notice and address these situations but if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Grocery Store Exit

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