I have spent this entire week at our corporate office, so I haven’t had a lot of time for posting.  In return for your patience, next week I will post the third and final article from Lewis C. Norton’s “How I Discovered Door Checks.”  That seems fair, right?

I’m here in Carmel with about a dozen of our specwriters, and we were told before we arrived that tonight we would have dinner with John Conover, the President of Security Technologies, Tim Eckersley, President, Americas, and Dave Sullivan, our Vice President of Sales, Americas.  That’s not an opportunity you get every day.  So this morning, my 10-year-old daughter called me, and when it was time to head to the bus stop she said that she would call back at 6 o’clock tonight.  I told her that I wouldn’t be able to talk then, because I was having dinner with the president.



I hated to burst her bubble but I think it’s so hilarious that when she thought I was dining with Barack Obama, she asked for Michelle’s autograph.  When I told her tonight that our sector president offered to get her his wife’s autograph, she asked, “Is she famous for something?”  🙂

I am headed into Indianapolis tomorrow to take some pictures before I go home (I’ve got a hot tip on some cool doors!), but in the meantime, check out some reader photos:

From Keith Brown of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies…maybe I should have saved this one for Wordless Wednesday.

And from Jay Grabow of Grabow Hardware…how does this happen?  Seriously.  I look forward to your theories.

John Sojka of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sent this one in, along with a note explaining that this was the first floor restroom and the building did not have an elevator.  Oy.

Morriss Johnson of CMA sent in a couple of egress door photos he thought we’d like.  The one on the left is inswinging, which may be fine depending on the occupant load that it’s serving, but it also has two locks which is a no-no.  The one on the right…well, that one’s a hot mess, but at least it has a good (naked) closer!


I know money’s tight, and many facilities are trying to make accessibility upgrades without breaking the budget, but this one (sent in by Nolan Thrope of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies) gets filed under the category of “Yuck.”

This trim problem is a little more serious.  The photo was sent in by Bill Hudson, Building Inspections Supervisor for the Town of Oak Brook, Illinois.  Bill told me that when this photo was taken, there was a group of code officials meeting on the other side!

And finally, from Jenna Schwartz of Security Lock Distributors who was lucky enough to go to Puerto Rico over the holidays…a HUGE door:


 Thanks for the photos everyone!  More please!!

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