provides information on code requirements for doors and hardware, and is managed by me – Lori Greene, Manager – Codes & Resources for Allegion.  I created the site in 2009, and it was originally called because of the number of architects and specifiers I worked with at the time who would gladly hand their hardware-related duties off to me.  Most of them really, REALLY hated to deal with all of the complexities of door openings, and the potential costs involved with fixing mistakes.  I hoped they would use the website to find answers to their code questions, and through the site they would have an easy way to reach me if they needed help with a specific project.

Very quickly, others started finding the site – door and hardware distributors, end users, security integrators, code consultants, building inspectors and fire marshals.  Door Security + Safety magazine started publishing one of my blog posts in each issue as a monthly column.  People started asking me why I was a hardware consultant if I hate hardware (I don’t!), so I changed the name of the site to iDigHardware but kept the original URL ( for the hardware-haters to enjoy using.

I usually post something on iDigHardware every weekday.  It might be a question someone has asked, a technical article, an interesting product application, or a relevant news story.  On Wordless Wednesdays I post a photo of something that has left me wordless – usually a code violation.  Fixed-it Friday photos are creative modifications which coincidentally are often code violations as well.  If you see a good WW or FF application, you can submit photos here.

Feel free to explore the menus at the top of the screen to find my published articles, the Allegion Code Reference Guide, online training, information on school security, fire doors, safety glazing, and more.  There are also links to resources outside of this site, like the Allegion website, code information by state, and the Building Code Forum – a discussion group about codes.  In the header you will find a search box, and in the right sidebar there is a help button to connect you with a local Allegion Code Expert (the ACE Network).  There is also a button you can use to subscribe to daily or weekly email notifications of new posts on iDigHardware.

I hope iDigHardware helps you find the information you need.  If there is anything related to doors and hardware that you can’t find, or if you have suggestions about the site, drop me an email!

~ Lori

Manager, Codes and Resources


The information included in this site is for reference only and is based on my interpretation of the codes.  The actual code publications should be consulted when comprehensive data is required and to ensure compliance with the applicable codes, and the Authority Having Jurisdiction is the ultimate decision-maker.  Accordingly, Allegion and its related companies, subsidiaries, sectors, divisions, and affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, attorneys, agents, successors, and assigns (hereinafter referred to as “Allegion”) make no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information contained in this resource, nor does it assume any obligation or liability for any advice given by Allegion arising out of or related to this resource.