I received lots of reader photos while I was going on and on about hotel doors.  Here they are!

From Mark Lineberger of Valley Doors & Hardware, a view of a bottom latch that most people never see.  I wonder how many bottom latches on rated doors are actually able to engage in the strike.  Not this one!

From John Sojka of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies of New England (my office!), two different ends of the spectrum of “Why?”:

From John Gant, another of my coworkers at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies of New England, who cleaned out his folder of odd-ball applications and finally sent them along:

From Gary Bambara of Vulcan Lock, a creative application that I haven’t seen before:

From Andy Olson of Reliable Glass and Door, who sees some really interesting stuff in his travels, even if his destinations sometimes scare me:

And finally, from Brendan Daley of SURV, whose poor wife had to start off her New Year’s Eve dinner by distracting the host while Brendan took this photo (I’m embellishing):

Thanks everyone!!

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