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Door Closers

Door Opening Force

Door opening force is the measurement of how many pounds of force are required to open a door.  The requirements for door opening force are found in the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), ICC/ANSI A117.1 Standard on Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities, and the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board requirements (521 CMR). In […]

Solution for Leakers

I think this has to be my all-time favorite photo (so far) of Doors Gone Wrong.  If you don’t immediately recognize what you’re looking at, it’s an ingenious solution to a leaking closer – a little cup attached to the closer arm to catch the drips.  I wonder how often they have to empty it.  […]

Special Templates

Don’t let this happen to you!  If you have an application that can’t accommodate a standard closer, LCN has thousands of special templates and engineers standing by to help.  Some of my favorite special templates are the track closer for a door with rescue hardware, closers for arch-top doors, and the templates that move the concealed closer […]

Opening Force for Fire Doors, Part 1

I got an email today about a fire rated door that would not reliably close with the closer adjusted to provide 5 pounds of opening force.  I did a post on opening force for accessibility a while back, but it’s important to note that fire-rated doors are not required to open with 5 pounds of […]

Special Template Update

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site you probably know the story…I posted a photo of a concealed closer that is installed so that it’s visible through the frame face, and the hardware supplier/installer saw the photo on my site and emailed me to tell me the situation.  Apparently it was not a mistake […]

Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

I love seeing the inventive ways people install door hardware, and it seems like the product with the most creative installations is the door closer.  LCN thought their stick-on installation templates would take the creativity out of door closer installation, but there are still plenty of inventive installations out there. Here are a couple from […]

9 Out of 10 Birds Surveyed Prefer LCN

I have a lot of pet peeves – just ask my family.  One of my pet peeves is when I see a door closer on the “wrong” side of a door.  It could be the corridor side of an electric room, the outside of a bathroom, or, like the photo to the left, the weather […]

Application-Specific vs. Universal Closers

I received this photo the other day and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to talk about application-specific closers vs. universal closers. The closer in the photo is an LCN 4041-Cush, and because of the Cush arm (built-in stop) it is supposed to be installed on the push side of the door.  I can’t tell why […]

Every Door Needs a Stop

Last weekend I opened the door to a sports facility where my son was attending a birthday party, and I saw an interesting (to me) application.  My three friends scattered when they saw me whip out the camera…I still don’t know why it’s so embarrassing to be seen with someone taking a picture of a […]

Opening Force for Fire Doors, Part 2

In a post about opening force a while back, I wrote that fire doors do not have to meet the opening force requirements of the accessibility codes and standards. While that IS true, someone recently asked me a question that led to this further explanation. The question was regarding egress doors in a stairwell on a […]

Hospital & Nursing Home (I-2) Cross-Corridor Pairs

The 2009 edition of the International Building Code (IBC) contains an important change that’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.  I stumbled across it a few months ago when someone asked me about the exception for cross-corridor doors without positive latching in I-2 occupancies. This exception is found in Section 709 – Smoke […]

“Look Out Beloooow!!!”

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, someone always surprises me.  I received this photo today, and at first I couldn’t really tell what was going on.  Then I realized that the pipe has been cut to length to act as a hold-open.  That’s a first!  When I asked what was holding the pipe […]

Cover Up!!

Back in the day, before my restaurant choices were based on whether the establishment offered crayons, chicken nuggets, and a giant mouse or talking tree, I used to frequent a local cantina.  The “naked” door closer on their ladies room door drove me nuts, so one night I showed up with a closer cover, screws, […]

“What’s a ‘CUSH’ closer?”

A few weeks ago someone asked me this question and I answered him directly rather than posting about it on the blog, but then yesterday I saw someone arrive at the site searching for the very same information.  So, in case you too have been wondering what “CUSH” means in relation to door hardware, here […]

Rescue Hardware

A couple of days ago, one of our specwriters asked about a closer on a door with rescue hardware, and another specwriter advised him to use a double-acting closer. I was surprised to learn that they weren’t aware of my FAVORITE LCN special template – ST-1895. In order to explain this special template, I will […]

Hot! Hot! Hot!

A visit to any volcanic region wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the hot springs. We didn’t want to miss anything, so we visited two different hot springs resorts – The Springs, and Tabacón. The Springs Resort is very beautiful and quite new. We couldn’t figure out why it was empty until we visited […]

Jacó Beach

This may be in questionable taste, but I thought it was cute.  Hopefully anyone who is reading a website about doors and hardware won’t be offended by the mention of “pee.” I’ve included one last (for now) bathroom door closer application just to make this post door-related.  I hope you all appreciate how difficult it […]

Another Ladies’ Room (and Ladies)

I get a little self-conscious when I’m taking photos of doors because I think people are probably wondering why in the world I would be doing that.  I haven’t been approached by Security yet, but I’m sure that day will come. Tonight I was at a hotel for the New England Chapter DHI meeting, and […]

The Gift of Hardware

Long before I started this blog, I had a personal one for my friends and family to keep up on what’s going on in our household.  Usually, I don’t mix the two…most of my friends and family aren’t very interested in door hardware, and I’m not sure I want my colleagues knowing that I sometimes […]

Tiny Closer

I think these are about the tiniest closers I’ve ever seen.  One was obviously not enough to get the bathroom door closed, so another one was added.  The door still wouldn’t close, so the closer was flipped around and mounted the opposite way.  The door STILL wouldn’t close, AND the sound of the closers was […]

Gravity Closer

I think I’m onto something…asking everyone to send their vacation photos of oddball hardware applications has already netted me several, including this photo of a gravity closer from Quebec City.  The cable goes from the face of the door, through the pulley that the brown outfit is hanging on, then through another pulley and attaches […]

Another Gravity Closer

I’m off to Carmel this week so it’s going to be a busy one.  I don’t know if I’ll get to the next smoke door post but I’ll post some more application photos to tide you over.  Here’s another gravity closer with a bonus padlock on a temperature rise egress door.  And before someone comments […]

Bungee Closer

I swear, this blog is not going to become a collection of photos that can be found elsewhere on the web, but since two people sent me this photo today and it’s pretty horrible, I just have to post it.  It’s another one from, which is a really funny collection of weird stuff that […]

Reader Photos

Some creative and unusual hardware applications sent in by blog readers: From James Caron of Kamco Supply of New England, a rated elevator door with deactivated spring hinges and a luggage cart just in case they suddenly became self-closing again, and a mismatched mag-holder and armature location rectified with a chain: Sent by Bob Caron […]


My daughter Norah and I went to New Haven yesterday for what will hopefully be our last trip to Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.  Thank you to everyone who has inquired about her…she’s doing great and is back to her old tricks. I saw this set of gates near the hospital and I immediately recognized that […]


When I started this blog, my goals were to organize all of the code information I had into a searchable database, and to offer a more painless way to learn about hardware.  I think one of the hardest things about starting out in this industry is the way most of us learn about it – […]

Antique Hardware Identification

[I added an update at the bottom of this post!] Today I ran across a couple of photos of an unidentified piece of hardware on an amazing photography blog –  The site contains thousands of high definition photos, most from between 1850 and 1950.  The images are so detailed I could explore them for […]

The Rector Wanted it Quiet!

All the discussion about the unidentified piece of antique hardware reminded me to create a post about the invention of the door closer.  Luckily, the story of the original LCN door closer was written down in approximately 1937, and I have reproduced it in this post.  This story is near and dear to my heart, […]

Reader Photos

My inbox is overflowing with reader photos again.  Thanks everyone! From Jerry Heid of Advantage Lites and Louvers / Zero International, a gravity closer on a restaurant entrance: From Adam King of Vulcan Lock, a reminder of why closers shouldn’t be installed on the exterior: From Nolan Thrope of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies – Metro-NY, […]

The Door Closer Fairy Was Here

I have to admit, I visit the local frozen yogurt joint so often that the owners ask me if I want “the usual.”  Hey – it’s YOGURT…practically health food!  I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to make it through their winter break – about 2 months.  I survived, but the closer on their entrance […]

Even More Reader Photos

Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd. sent me a plethora of photos recently.  I think he sent his entire “Creative Closers of Israel” file.  🙂 Steve Poe of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies found this door at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City: And from Dave Saltmarsh of Westfield State College, a couple […]

Decoded: Closers on Classroom Doors (April 2011)

This post was printed in the April 2011 issue of Doors & Hardware [Click here to download a reprint of this article.] I had heard the rumors about a change to the Life Safety Code that would exempt classroom doors from needing closers, but I finally had time to track it down.  Here’s the scoop: […]

The National Zoo

On our way home we had great weather while we were in the DC area, so we decided to stop at the zoo and let the kids get some of the crazies out.  The lions were my favorite…a pride of 2 lionesses, 1 lion, and 7 cubs – just gorgeous.  I could have watched them […]

Leather-Wrapped Doors

I was recently elected as a town meeting member for my town (a pretty large town – 68,000 people), and tonight I attended my first-ever town meeting.  It was pretty interesting to see government in action, but I also found time to hunt down some old doors for you all. You don’t see these old leather-wrapped […]

WW: Hollow Metal Doors (Literally)

I saw both of these doors today, in two different facilities.  Yes, they are both fire rated.  One is a cross-corridor pair and one is a stair door. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Reader Photos

I’m still spending my Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday nights at town meeting, so I REALLY appreciate all of the great photos that have been sent in lately. Here are a couple of Schlage keypad locks, sent in by Steve Hornyak of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  I love these locks and I have one on my front door, but […]

Black Tie Affair

You just never know what’s going to show up in my inbox.  Last week I received the clipping below from Jim Bystry of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. Jim said he received it from Sue Shapiro of Bell Hardware in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  I’m guessing Jim’s had it laying around for a while because it’s dated […]

Unidentified Closer(?)

I received these photos a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been trying to determine whether this is a door closer, or possibly a lever-action shock for an old car.  It was being used in an underwater application and needs to be replaced.  Does it look familiar to you?  If you know someone who might […]

Doors in Pockets (not Pocket Doors)

Every time I specify hardware for a door that swings into a pocket, a little alarm sounds in my head because at least 50% of the time there will be a problem that urgently needs to be fixed at the end of the job.  This application requires coordination between the architect designing the pocket, the […]

Reader Photos

Here’s the latest batch of reader photos…don’t forget to send me any interesting doors you see on your summer vacations! From Mary Hinton of Mulhaupt’s Inc., a McDonald’s bathroom door that would provide a convenient peephole for the kiddies.  Amazingly, this is not the first time we’ve seen this creative resolution to the problem. This […]

Closing Speed & Delayed Action

Back in the early 90’s when the ADA was the newest focus of the door and hardware industry, delayed action closers were often specified and installed due to the assumption that they were required by the accessibility standards.  Delayed action is a feature available on many door closers, which delays the closing cycle for up […]


Picture this. You wait by the mailbox for your brand spanking new iPad 2 to arrive. You carefully open the box and breathe in the intoxicating scent of Apple, then plug in the cable, sync your iPad with your iTunes account, and settle back to watch a movie. A few minutes into Despicable Me, the […]

INNadequate Closer (& More!)

I spent last weekend in Stowe, Vermont with one of my BFFs and we stayed at an “inn,” which seems to mean bigger than a bed and breakfast but not as modern as a hotel.  As my friend said, “I got the keys…they’re real keys – how quaint!”  I won’t get into how the lock […]

Today’s the big day!

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the significance of August 1st – it’s my birthday (big deal), and also the day that the features of the LCN 4040XP are incorporated into the standard 4040 closer (BIG DEAL!).  Every 4040 closer ordered from today forward will be shipped as a 4040XP – with […]

How I Discovered Door Checks (Part 1), by L.C. Norton

I was recently cleaning out a drawer and found copies of a 3-part article printed in Doors & Hardware in 1986.  The articles were written in 1937.  I thought I should preserve this piece of our history, so here is the first installment (others to follow). A Memoir from 1880 – How I Discovered Door […]

Back to School!

Call me crazy, but this is one of my favorite days of the year – the first day of school.  The summer is just too chaotic for me, with kids going every which way to various camps and activities – I need more structure in my life!  So needless to say, I’m a happy camper […]

Closers for Arched Doors

You don’t see a whole lot of arched doors on new construction these days, but I think we probably have more than our fair share of beautiful old arched doors in the Northeast.  Over the years I’ve had quite a few calls about how to retrofit new hardware onto existing arched doors, and the trickiest […]

WWYD?: Back-to-Back Doors

Which product application do you use when you have doors that open back-to-back and need to close upon fire alarm?  I was just explaining my preferred option to a specwriter last week, and then these photos arrived…perfect timing! When I have a door on an electrified hold-open that opens against the wall, I prefer to […]

WW: Cairo Airport

Check out these regular arm closers mounted on the push side of a pair with a transom panel.  I would have used a parallel arm closer with a flush transom shoe, but I can appreciate the creativity. Thank you to James Stokes for sending me this photo! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite […]

Reader Photos

It warms my heart when someone says, “I saw this door and I thought of you.”  🙂  That’s what Angie Sutton of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies wrote when she sent me this photo of an old vault door on a storage room at the county courthouse: Travis Willis of American Direct sent this photo of […]

WW: Cover Girl

I can’t stop looking at the naked LCN 4040 behind Lindsey Vonn’s head.  Thank you to Eagle-Eye Jim Bystry of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies for sending me the link. Photo: The Blaze (Click the link or photo to read the article.) You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

More Museum Hardware

Last weekend I put together the annual family photo album so I could order copies for the grandparents.  Mixed in with all of the vacation photos were a ton of doors.  Someday my grown-up kids will be on the psychiatrist’s couch…“My mother always took us places just so she could look for interesting doors…I’m scarred […]

How I Discovered Door Checks (Part 2), by L.C. Norton

I posted Part 1 of this article a while back, and apparently there have been people waiting patiently for the second installment.  As requested, here is Part 2.  Part 3 to follow. A Memoir from 1880 – How I Discovered Door Checks by L.C. Norton, Inventor of Door Checks After inventing the door check, I […]

WW: Arched Doors

Jeff Tock and Kyle Learch of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies saw these doors right after my post about closers for arched doors, and couldn’t believe the methods being used to get these doors closed. The doors had spring hinges as well. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Hole-y Swiss Cheese, Batman!

Sent in by Nolan Thrope of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  Thanks Nolan! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

LCN Digital Calendar Page – January 2012

When I first started working for the New England agency representing LCN back in 1994 (MPS Sales), LCN used to print an annual calendar showing their door closers in action.  Well, I don’t know about you but it has been quite a few years since I have hung a calendar on the wall, and printed […]

How I Discovered Door Checks (Part 3), by L.C. Norton

I previously posted Part 1 and Part 2 of this article, and here is the third and final segment. A Memoir from 1880 – How I Discovered Door Checks by L.C. Norton, Inventor of Door Checks _______________________________________________________ In the August 1986 issue of Doors and Hardware, Norton described his troubles with manufacturing and selling the […]

LCN Digital Calendar – February 2012

When I saw the LCN digital calendar page for February I wondered about the LCN employee featured on it – Brad May, a Princeton, Illinois native who has been with LCN for his entire career.  We asked Brad to answer some questions about his time with LCN, and he generously obliged: Q: What made you […]

Battleship Cove – Fall River, Massachusetts

Whenever we’re on a family road trip, we try to find cool places to stop along the way to break up the ride.  Today we went to Battleship Cove, the world’s largest historic naval ship exhibit.  The museum is home to the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., the USS Lionfish submarine, the battleship USS […]

Reader Photos

How about some reader photos to ease you into the weekend? 😀 Jim Lenox of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies found a rescue hardware application I had never seen before.  Instead of a cased opening frame, the door is mounted on the stop.  Is this how they used to do a rescue hardware door in the […]

WWYD? Concealed Closers at the Peabody Opera House

I recently received an email from Steve Needy, who maintains the beautiful and recently-renovated Peabody Opera House in downtown St. Louis.  During the renovation, many of the original (1932) LCN 206 concealed closers were rebuilt and reinstalled.  Steve’s problem was that the spring power made some of the doors difficult for some visitors to open, […]

Universal Studios Orlando

When I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago for the IAPSC conference, it also happened to be school vacation week so I brought the kids along for a visit to my parents’ house.  They all survived while I was in Miami Beach, so when I got back from the conference I took them […]

Decoded: Opening Force and Closing Speed (Updated November 2017)

This post was printed in the May 2012 issue of Doors & Hardware Updated November 2017 Two very common accessibility issues for door openings can usually be addressed by making simple adjustments. The accessibility standards require accessible doors to be opened with a limited amount of opening force, and to close slowly. Often these requirements […]

WW: Problem Solved

This photo was sent to me by two different people and had made the rounds before it got to them, so I don’t know who to give photo credit to.  Anyone want to admit to coming up with this creative solution? You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Science Museum

My youngest daughter graduated from kindergarten today, so we played hookey and took her to the Museum of Science.  I didn’t forget about y’all though.  Here are a few photos from the trip. On the entrance and exit doors for the Butterfly Garden, strong fans have been installed above the doors to blow the butterflies […]

Reader Photos

I’ll be posting some Moroccan door photos soon, but here are some reader photos to tide you over. From Brian Marris of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a creative solution to a deep reveal, and a non-compliant exit. To stick with the theme, here’s another exit from Jim Princehorn of Business Protection Specialists.  The pile of […]

WW: Measure Twice Drill 8 Times

I recently saw this closer prep on a brand-new fire door.  Now what? You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Uncoordinated

The good news…I’m on my way to Las Vegas for CoNEXTions 2012!  The bad news…our flight lost a hydraulic system and we had to land in Denver.  There’s a replacement plane but it is larger and requires an extra flight attendant, who had to be called in from home.  I’m sure he’s not a happy […]

WW: Bungee Cords

I can’t figure out whether these are providing security or acting as the door closers, but either way they leave me wordless! Thank you to Derek Ommert of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies for sending the photo! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Happy Holidays

For the last 8 years, I have coordinated a holiday gift drive along with my coworkers, family, and friends for the residents of our local family shelter and other families in need.  This year we provided gifts for 75 kids and parents!  When I went to the shelter with a load to drop off, I […]

WW: Exit Out of Order

This photo was sent in by Curtis Meskus from Charlton, Massachusetts, who also saw the locks below while on vacation in Texas.  Keep those vacation photos coming! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Best Closer Kludge Ever?

Yesterday I went to see my old friends at New England Door Closer (photos of the purpose of my trip to follow!), and they showed me this little beauty.  Classic! OK Closer Nation – what’s the purpose of this creative modification? UPDATE:  You guys are good!  SO MANY of you guessed that it’s a place […]

WWYD? High Winds

Many of us have experienced a project where the doors were subjected to unexpected wind loads, causing problems with the hardware and the operation of the door.  I’m not talking about the occasional wind that comes with a hurricane, tornado, or tropical storm – I mean the everyday wind gusts due to the building location […]

Hang It Up

Any theories about what’s happening here?  Steve Poe from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sent me the photo and we’re perplexed. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Reader Photos – Closer Edition

I have A LOT of photos that have been sent in by readers of this blog – THANK YOU!  Here is the first batch, which all feature closers in various states of problematic. I received this one from Curtis Meskus, a building commissioner.  This is installed on a 40″ wide door, which “hits you on […]

WWYD: Help Wanted

I answer A LOT of questions every day, and I love doing it.  I’m so glad to be able to provide this resource for our staff and customers, and anyone else who comes across my site.  But sometimes I get questions that I don’t have a good answer for, and that’s where you come in.  […]

WW: New and Improved Fire Door Hold-Open

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means!  Another application that leaves me wordless!  Jeff Tock of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sent me these photos of the integral stop on a door closer being used to hold the fire door open.  Y’all know that’s not ok – right? You need to login or register to […]

Reader Photos

Time to clean out the inbox!  Here’s the first batch: A couple people have asked about construction labels lately.  I wrote about construction labels a while ago, but today I received these photos from David Seeley of Clark Security.  Anyone want to guess why these stair doors have a construction label? Jeff Tock of Ingersoll […]

LCN Closers in the News!

At the risk of sounding like a hardware nerd, I’ll admit that I think door closers are really cool.  Most of the people walking around in the world don’t give them a second thought.  But on Monday, July 29th, between 9:35 and 9:45 pm EDT, LCN Closers will be profiled on The Fox Business Network […]

Reader Photos – What’s wrong with this picture?

I’ve received lots of photos lately that illustrated problems with how products were specified, supplied, or installed.  So let’s play…what’s wrong with this picture??? a) John Gant of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sent this fire door photo.  Anybody see a potential problem here? b) Tim Slaughter of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sent me this photo […]

The Palladium – Carmel, Indiana (July 2013)

This article was printed in the July 2013 issue of Doors & Hardware Last year at this time I conducted a workshop for a group of specwriter apprentices at our office in Carmel, and we took them on a field trip to a beautiful new performance venue nearby.  The hardware consultant for the project, David […]

WW: Duct Tape

From Vince Black of Black Hawk Doors, a restaurant owner’s solution to a closer arm stripped off the shaft, with the arm screw broken off in the closer body: You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Reader Photos

Thank you to everyone who has sent me photos of doors they’ve seen in their travels (or while laying on the couch).  Kelly Chimilar from Allmar Inc. noticed these doors with an obvious egress problem while watching Thursday Night Football.  If you don’t know what the problem is, I will hold a special online study […]

Music City Center – Nashville, Tennessee

I know what you’re thinking…”When is she going to stop talking about Nashville and get on to something interesting like gasketing or clear opening width?”  😀 I just processed my last group of photos from Nashville and all but a few were from the Music City Center, so I added the other ones to my […]

Reader Photos

It’s time to clean out my inbox again!  Here are some of the reader photos I’ve received.  Thanks to all who sent them! Denise Gorski of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies spotted these fire and egress door problems at a hotel.  I’m sure they have been repaired “without delay” as required by NFPA 80, right?   […]

FF: Classroom Security

Every school is looking for affordable ways to lock their classroom doors in an intruder situation.  A group of students at Benjamin Banneker High School in Washington, D.C. have designed the “DeadStop”, a device that clamps onto the door closer arm to prevent the door from being opened. I don’t like to rain on anyone’s […]

Back-2-Basics: Door Closers

Hello Readers!  This is my next “Back-2-Basics” piece…if there is anything I should add/change, please leave a comment.  And have a great week! [Click here to download a printable copy of this article.] The function of a door closer is not just to close the door; a good door closer will also control the door […]

Reader Photos

It’s been a while, so here are some of the many photos I’ve received from y’all… Eric Miles of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies saw some evidence that a flush end cap has advantages… And he also sent me a photo of one of my favorite special templates (LCN has more than 3,000 special templates!).  Anyone […]

Swing Free in School?

Over the weekend I visited a local high school for a swim meet.  Right away I noticed MANY pairs of fire doors equipped with LCN Sentronics, which are designed to hold the doors open until the fire alarm sounds and then close the doors to deter the spread of smoke and flames.  Some of these […]

Cross-Corridor Pairs

When this great Fixed-it Friday photo showed up in my inbox (sent by John Emry), it made me think about the “why” behind the creative modification.  This improvised hold-open device has been retrofitted on all of the stair doors in this particular school.  Presumably, the teacher leads her line of students down the corridor, pushes […]

Doors of River Street – Savannah, Georgia

Before anyone says, “Why didn’t you stop and see me??”, we were only in Savannah for a quick lunch break.  🙂 Here are some interesting doors from the River Street vicinity… I saw this door and thought – “Cool!  Half-surface hinges!”  Ok – that makes me sound like a weirdo but that’s really what I thought.  […]

Back to Cape Cod

A few years ago I took my family to a resort on Cape Cod for winter break, and I spent this past weekend at the same resort.  On our first visit, I found a lot to write about…the hinges on all of the cross-corridor doors had been modified (sometimes very badly) and were no longer code-compliant […]

FF: Random Creativity

If any of you attended DHI’s AH2 class in Savannah, Georgia back in the Good Old Days, you may have had one of my all-time favorite instructors – Bob Jutzi.  I actually use a lot of his techniques when I teach, to try to make my classes more engaging and dare I say “fun”?  I […]

FF: Polar Vortex

I live just outside of Boston and I’m so tired of the cold winter weather we’ve had this year.  I went to a meeting last week and the entrance to the meeting room was from an interior corridor, but there was an exterior door at the end of the corridor nearby.  I noticed that the closer on the […]

Reader Photos

Here’s a big group of reader photos from the emailbox! Hal Kelton of DoorData Solutions spotted this modification to a magnetic holder in a hospital, and a padlocked classroom door.  🙁   Paul Goldense of Goldense Building Products sent me these photos of a heavy duty door stop on a manufacturing facility: More photos from the Polar Vortex, from […]

iDH/iHH is 5 years old!

. And you might be the one getting a birthday present!  Wow – time flies when you’re having fun!  Who would have thought I would have 5 years’ worth of door-related stuff to write about?  Or that so many of you would still be listening?? When I first had the idea to start the site my […]

FF: Creative Special Template

Here’s a little Fixed-it Friday quiz…how could this field modification have been avoided?…

WW: Self-Closing

This is not the first time my friend Bob Jutzi has left me Wordless. 😉 Each door is 3′-9″ wide x 10′-0″ high. The doors are thought to be original to the building, built in the 1880’s…

FF: Closer Magic

How is this closer attached? Seriously – this is a first for me. Happy Fixed-it Friday!…

FF: The Sleeve

After Tuesday’s school shooting in Oregon, there were several news reports about a school security product developed by a group of teachers. It’s called “The Sleeve,” a steel sleeve that fits over the door closer arm to prevent an intruder from opening the classroom door from the corridor…

FF: Closer Edition

I know some of you (door closer lovers) will be very excited by today’s Fixed-it Friday special edition! Nathan Burkhardt of Opening Technologies sent me these photos from a California office building of something I’ve never seen before – an automatic operator on a stall door, with the new style vertical bar actuators…

WW: Casting Fail

I’ve only seen this a few times in my career.  I’ll bet it was messy. Thank you to Keith Krienke of the University of Calgary for today’s Wordless Wednesday post! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Casting Fail Follow-Up

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of a broken door closer casting for Wordless Wednesday, and there were a lot of questions and comments…

TBT: Golden Oldies

A few weeks ago I received an email from Peter Bernard, who recently took the position of Facilities and Operations Manager at Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, Vermont. His email said, “Look what I found in the basement of the mansion.”…

FF: Communicating Door Closers

Today’s my birthday!! David Barbaree of St. Vrain Valley School District sent me this present…a special application for closers on communicating doors – two doors in one frame. Communication doors are usually found between hotel rooms and do not have door closers, but in this case the two doors are the exterior doors for a school kitchen…

Back-2-Basics: Handing 101

I have been asked about door handing SO MANY TIMES over the years…hopefully with your help we can address the questions once and for all. Leave me a comment if I forgot anything!

WW: Special Closer Mounting

These photos were taken by Todd Borsch from Allegion. This is not a special template authorized by LCN!

WWYD? Stairwell Pressure

When you have a pressurized stairwell that is required for smoke control, the increased pressure in the stairwell makes doors swinging into the stair more difficult to open, and doors swinging out of the stair may not close and latch. WWYD?

FF: New LCN Special Template

It’s called the Ives Cush Stop (just kidding – we don’t endorse this application!)…

WWYD: Fusible Link Arms

NFPA 80 does not prohibit their use but the International Building Code (IBC) requires automatic-closing doors in certain locations to be smoke-activated…automatic-closing by the actuation of smoke detectors…

Maneuvering Clearance with Spring Hinges

A question hit my inbox a few weeks ago that I had never considered before: Does a door with spring hinges require the same maneuvering clearance as a door with a door closer?

Door Closer Arm Options

Most door closers used today are surface-mounted closers with a double-lever arm. These closers fall into two categories – application-specific, and universal. A universal closer is best when the field conditions are unknown, or when flexibility is a top priority. Application-specific closers give the specifier and supplier more control over how the door closer is mounted…

How an LCN Door Closer Works (video)

Here is one more whiteboard animation (for now)…this one explains some of the basic operations of a door closer. All of these videos, including the ones I previously posted on panic hardware, lock functions, and door handing, can be found on the Allegion Training videos page…

FF: Bungee (Again)

The funny thing about this Fixed-it Friday photo is that it arrived on the same day from 2 different people – Steve Murray of Security Lock Distributors, and Ed Marchakitus of Cornell Storefront Systems. Thanks to both of you!

WW: Sardine Can

It’s Wordless Wednesday!

WWYD? Assisted Living Entries

I am often asked whether it is code-compliant to install a separate deadbolt with a latchset or lockset on a dwelling unit entry door in an assisted living facility. Most doors in a means of egress are required to unlatch with one operation for egress. While there is an exception…

Door Closer Arm Options (video)

People ask me all the time…”What’s a ‘CUSH’ closer?” The answer is in our latest whiteboard animation video!

WW: Down at the Mini-Mart

Chris Ostwinkle from DH Pace sent me today’s Wordless Wednesday photo. The bar above the panic limits the degree of opening, which may have contributed to the closer issues. And in case you missed it…that’s a double-cylinder deadbolt above the panic, in addition to the slide bolt. 🙁

More Reader Photos

Austin Baumann of Central Indiana Hardware sent me this photo of the emergency exit in a mirror maze. This would be considered a special amusement building – I wrote about some of the requirements for those occupancies here. I have often seen means of egress modifications…

FF: High Winds

Andy Lindenberg, one of my Allegion coworkers, sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday photos from a university that has an obvious wind condition. This door has a spring-cush arm on the closer, a heavy duty overhead stop, and a chain stop. Do you have any better ideas?

Automatic-Closing Door Application

Last week I received a really interesting question. The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, made a local code modification that requires certain stairwell doors to be automatic-closing. But what about security? This is the application I would use…

FF: Standard Oil

When Jess Dey found this closer on eBay, I was shocked to see such a beautiful potbelly closer! I’ve never seen a closer with decorative accents – usually architects want to hide the hardware. As it turns out, this closer from the Standard Oil Building in San Francisco was rescued from the trash heap as a standard closer…

FF: Which Came First?

Sort of like the chicken and the egg, this Fixed-it Friday photo from Steve Turner and Ray Valentine of Precision Doors & Hardware made me wonder…was the closer added because the automatic operator wasn’t closing the door properly, or was the automatic operator added because the closer required too much opening force? Or one or the other stopped working completely but was not removed?

WW: Abuse and Neglect

Today’s Wordless Wednesday photo was sent by Nolan Thrope of Allegion…this is a cross-corridor fire door in a school. The closer is missing as well as the obvious hinge problem. Sadly, this type of neglect is not uncommon. 🙁

FF: Broken Arm

This closer repair obviously qualifies as a Fixed-it Friday photo, but it also left me Wordless. Thanks to Jim Lenox of Allegion.

FF: 180-Degree Pair

Pete Schifferli of Expert Locksmith sent me these Fixed-it Friday photos (this is not his handiwork). These are new doors in a hospital corridor, and the closers are mounted to the wall on each side to allow the doors to open 180 degrees and engage the electromagnetic holders…

WWYD? Concealed Closer for Heavy Door

This is a real-life problem on a current project and I know someone out there has a good answer. Here is a description of the doors…

WW: Exploding Closer

WHOA. Today’s Wordless Wednesday photo courtesy of Deputy Jeff Tock of Allegion.

Fire Door – Time to Close

How quickly should a fire door close? If the door closes too slowly, could it negatively impact the ability of the fire door to deter the spread of smoke and flames?

WWYD? Bifold x Self-Closing Swinging Door

OK – this one is going to take some thought, so let’s focus. Paul Nykiel of Johnson Hardware sent me these photos of an opening he’s trying to help with…

FF: Inconsistent Mounting Strategy

This was one of those photos from a recent road trip where the kids were like, “MOMMMMM…We just want a 5-dollar footlong!” and I was fixated on why these two closers would have different mounting locations for the shoe. How did this happen?

FF: Restroom Closer

Julia Bradley of Willis Klein sent me this photo of a closer she saw in a restroom. Yes, the mounting is not per the manufacturer’s instructions, but what’s really odd is the paint job. Why bother?

FF: Closer Conundrum

Alec Walsh of Allegion sent me this Fixed-it Friday photo and we’re both scratching our heads wondering what would cause someone to install a closer in this manner. Any ideas?

Architects’ Journal: Form Studio completes reworking of ‘cookie cutter’ nineties flat

Looking at the photos that accompany the article, the closing device is mounted in the door edge. Has anyone used this type of product?

Stack Pressure (video)

Have you run into problems with the effects of building stack pressure on the operation of doors? Here’s a new whiteboard animation video that explains the basics of stack pressure…

WW: Duct, Duct, Goose!

All I can say is…wow. That’s a pretty nice modification to the duct to accommodate the closer arm…

FF: Alternative Closer Mounting

Any bets on how long this installation will last? Thank you to Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems for this Fixed-it Friday photo…

WW: No Seasonal Adjustment Needed

In certain parts of the US and Canada I’ve heard that it’s getting chilly…here’s one way to deal with that pesky problem of closer fluid that thickens in the cold weather and slows down the closing speed.

WW: Whoa.

Eyal Bedrick of Entry Systems Ltd. sent me this Wordless Wednesday video. This is one of the reasons good door control is important!

WW: Small World / Full Circle

Last week I posted a Wordless Wednesday video sent to me by Eyal Bedrick of Entry Systems Ltd. in Israel. The video showed an all-glass door exploding into a zillion pieces when the door opened against the sidelight.

WWYD? Doors on a Diagonal

ere’s the owner’s wish list for these auditorium doors…pull-side mounted closers, surface-mounted or easy to retrofit. The doors are mounted on a diagonal within the opening to deflect sound. The doors and frames are wood. Ideas?

WWYD? 5th/6th Screw in Closer Shoe

Should “missing” screws in a parallel-arm shoe be cited as a deficiency during a fire door inspection?

WW: PA or TJ?

After you check out today’s Wordless Wednesday photo, can you help with some questions from iDH readers?

WWYD? Panic Hardware, No Closer?

Have you ever run across this application in the field or been asked to specify or install panic hardware on a door with no closer? What is your response to this request?

WWYD? How should these doors be hung?

This is a good one! What would you use to hang these doors, and what type of door closer could be used?

QQ: Delayed-Action Closers on Fire Doors

Can a delayed action closer be installed on a fire door?

FF: 172 Degrees

This is not the first time I’ve seen this problem, but this is a pretty labor-intensive solution. Hopefully this wall is not a fire barrier.

WW: I have no words.

These Wordless Wednesday photos also qualify for Fixed-it Friday but I couldn’t wait two more days to post them.

WW: Exploded View

The last time I posted a photo of a closer that had exploded, some of the readers thought it was Photoshopped. Here’s another one.

FF: Found Fasteners

No screw pack in the box? No problem!

WW: Hanging by a Thread

Jess Dey sent me today’s Wordless Wednesday photo…SCARY!

WW: Shhh…nobody will ever know!

Just because closer reinforcements are not visible doesn’t mean they aren’t necessary! Yes – this is a fire door.

I’m stumped.

I don’t get stumped very often, but I’ve never seen this before. What can you tell me about this mysterious contraption? How does it work?

WW: Mortised Parallel Arm Shoe

I’ve never seen this particular closer mounting before…how about you? I wonder about the strength of anchoring the shoe to the top of the door, and the critical tolerances of the mortise.

FF: Double Closer – Bamburg, Germany

According to Bob Larson of Builders Hardware & Supply Company, these double closers are doing a good job of controlling this 7-foot x 12-foot pair of doors at the Bamburg Cathedral…

FF: There, I fixed it.

Most people don’t realize how much force the components of a door closer have to withstand. I don’t think this repair is going to handle the pressure for long.

WW: Works just fine…

Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd. sent me this Wordless Wednesday video…who can diagnose the problem?

Bullpen Doors

In case you haven’t had enough baseball, John Cohrs of Central Indiana Hardware sent me this photo of the bullpen door from last night’s World Series game (nice hardware!).

WW: Woops!

When I started this series 7 1/2 years ago, I had no idea that it would go on this long. Until my dying breath, I will love Wordless Wednesday.

FF: Top Jamb Closer

This is why I prefer parallel arm door closers over top jamb or regular arm.

FF: Restaurant Ingenuity

Sometimes when I see these creative solutions it seems like it would have been easier to use something that has already been invented, but I guess that would take all of the fun out of it.

Lead-Lined Closer Covers

What do you know about lead-lined doors, frame, and hardware? Here’s one little tidbit, but I’d appreciate it if you would share your insight!

FF: Mama Mia

I saw this last night at a local hang-out called Mama Mia, and I thought of y’all. Happy Fixed-it Friday!

WWYD? Arched Brick Opening

The fire marshal wants these stairwell doors to close more reliably than they do with the original system. Note the arched brick “frames” and the swing-clear strap hinges (cool, right??). WWYD?

Alert: Clear Opening Height Conflict

When you have a project with 6′-8″ doors, it’s important to think about the clear opening height and the hardware that projects down from the frame head.

QQ: Door Closers on Exterior Doors

Quick Question: Is it a code requirement for non-fire-rated exterior doors to have door closers? The answer may surprise you.

QQ: Closer Covers on Fire Doors

If a door closer on a fire door is missing the cover, is that a deficiency that should be noted on a fire door inspection report?

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