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Doors Gone Wrong

Doors Gone Wrong

This is one of those openings that makes me cringe…yuck!  But I can’t let a teachable moment go by.  Yesterday I got a call from an architect who asked whether it was acceptable to put a panic device on one leaf of a pair when only that leaf is required for egress width.  The codes […]

Temperature Rise Doors

My only hesitation in posting these photos is that they are probably the best photos of Doors Gone Wrong that I have ever seen, and any future photos will pale in comparison.  These are the holy grail of bad door photos, which I received from Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd. in Israel.  According to […]

Temperature Rise Doors

A temperature rise door is a fire-rated door which limits the heat transfer through the door for a period of 30 minutes.  Temperature rise ratings indicate the maximum rise above ambient temperature on the non-fire side of the door, and will be either 250°, 450°, or 650° F.  The 250° door is the most restrictive because it limits the heat transfer to […]

Doors Gone Wrong

After over 20 years in the hardware industry, my family has grown accustomed to me taking photos of doors.  They still think it’s strange, but it’s no longer surprising.  Last weekend we were on a Fathers Day outing and I saw this sad door on a gas station ladies’ room.  I couldn’t help but wonder…who would be […]

High Security Dogging

I think this photo speaks for itself.  I just love the creativity and the lengths people will go to with these modifications.  It’s kind of sad that I get my kicks from looking at doors gone wrong, but admit it…you do too! I’ve had this picture for a really long time and I can’t remember […]

Astragals with Vertical Rod Panics

An astragal is a piece of molding used on a pair of doors or between the top and bottom leaves of a Dutch door, to provide security, protect against weather conditions, prevent light or sound transmission, or to retard the passage of smoke, flame, or gases during a fire.  On a Dutch door the astragal is […]

Welcome to Paradise

We continued our road trip yesterday with a visit to the zoo and a drive through Amish Country.  A stop in Paradise confirmed that they could use some Falcon 24/25 exit devices out there, and Chip’s up to the challenge.  As I’ve said before, I’m very picky about which products I specify, and after taking this new […]


I usually try to use the photos of Doors Gone Wrong to illustrate a code or product issue but tonight I’m at a loss for words.  I received the photo on the left from a local hardware supplier, who was called to a job-site to look at a “lock problem.”  Apparently the lockset and deadbolt […]

Fire Fire Fire

I ran across this photo today on a network security blog (click the photo to go there).  –> Speaking of fire alarms, I had another request today for a lock that ONLY unlocks to allow egress upon fire alarm.  In most cases, this is not code-compliant. There may be certain occupancy classifications (like detention and […]

Same Hotel, Different Day

Luckily, we are safely home and the hotel didn’t catch on fire, but I did take a quick tour of the place before we left.  Almost none of the fire doors that I looked at were code-compliant, and I wasn’t being nitpicky. The door to our room had spring hinges and would not latch even […]

Another Strike Where it Doesn’t Belong

A few weeks ago I saw an ASA strike used in an oddball location, and the other night I saw the deadbolt strike on the right. This is the entrance door to an upscale restaurant in Boston.  I don’t really know what they were trying to cover with it, because any screw hole with a […]

Beautiful Weekend in Boston

This weekend we took advantage of the beautiful spring weather to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D at a local farm and on an Easter boat cruise.  Lots of sun and signs of spring, but not a lot of doors. I did notice this one at the farm: 1) I thought it was […]

Reader Photos

I love to receive photos from people who read my blog, and a couple of weeks ago I hit the jackpot.  Within 24 hours I received a bunch! First, a set from Andy Lindenberg, one of our specwriters from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies – Great Lakes (note the location of the exit sign above the […]

Reader Photos

As I’ve said before, it makes me really happy when people send me photos of door and hardware applications they’ve seen in the field.  I’m REALLY happy today because my inbox is full! From Mark Little of National Millwork, I received a photo of this super-ugly application he found on the exterior door to the […]

Glass Door Hardware

I spend a lot of time with architects, and sometimes I’m put in the awkward position of having to talk them out of trying to do something with doors that hasn’t been successfully done before.  Many times this involves glass doors, which are becoming more common, yet still have very few options for hardware.  It’s […]

Mouse Holes

These doors are from the same children’s museum as the planetarium exit doors in the previous post.  I first noticed the “mouse hole” at the bottom of one pair, and wondered why it was there, until I saw multiple other holes with wires running through. I don’t know if these doors were originally fire-rated; the […]

Watch out for the hoooooole!

I just got home from the Boston Chapter CSI meeting (that’s the Construction Specifications Institute – I’m not cool enough to go to the Crime Scene Investigators’ meetings).  As I was leaving the parking garage I saw this door on the 4th floor.  I know some of you will be dying to know what is […]

Reader Photos

Here are some more reader photos that have recently hit my (e)mailbox… To continue our cruise ship theme, these photos were taken by Bill Negron of Lotspeich.  This is an automatic operator on a cruise ship that opens the door of an accessible bathroom stall.  The operator is concealed in the ceiling, and the arm […]

Exit? Really??

I received these photos from a fire inspector in Texas who shall remain nameless so he’ll keep sending me the crazy stuff he sees in his travels.  If you recall from earlier posts, an egress door has to look like a door, and can’t be disguised in any way.  This egress door is in a […]


When I started this blog, my goals were to organize all of the code information I had into a searchable database, and to offer a more painless way to learn about hardware.  I think one of the hardest things about starting out in this industry is the way most of us learn about it – […]

Just One More Hotel Post (for now)

These are the last few miscellaneous photos from our vacation, but never fear…I’m headed off for a Moms’ Weekend on Friday so maybe I’ll have some good (G-rated) spa photos for next week.  🙂 Hover your cursor over any photo for a description, click the photo to enlarge. You need to login or register to […]

Reader Photos

I received lots of reader photos while I was going on and on about hotel doors.  Here they are! From Mark Lineberger of Valley Doors & Hardware, a view of a bottom latch that most people never see.  I wonder how many bottom latches on rated doors are actually able to engage in the strike.  […]

WW: Curtains

On my Wordless Wednesday posts,  you can usually read about the photos by hovering your cursor over them.  It’s impossible for me to be completely wordless! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Drill Press

I have TJ Gottwalt to thank for this Wordless Wednesday post.  Thanks TJ! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Even More Reader Photos

Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd. sent me a plethora of photos recently.  I think he sent his entire “Creative Closers of Israel” file.  🙂 Steve Poe of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies found this door at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City: And from Dave Saltmarsh of Westfield State College, a couple […]

WW: Vertical(?) Rods

Thank goodness it’s Wordless Wednesday because I have no words for these photos.  Well, no words other than – deadbolts aren’t allowed on double-egress doors, and UL listed hardware can’t be modified.  Believe it or not, these exit devices actually work (as long as the deadbolt isn’t engaged!). Do you know someone who would like […]

Reader Photos – 1 of 2

I’ve received lots of reader photos lately…thank you, and keep ’em coming! From Kurt Roeper of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, taken on his recent trip to China.  In the facility’s defense, iDigHardware seems to be blocked by the Great Firewall of China, so it’s no wonder they have hardware problems.  The first photo is of […]

Reader Photos – 2 of 2

Here’s the second batch of reader photos.  My emailbox is empty now.  Not. From Steve Poe of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a hospital pair that was wrong from the start.  The gravity coordinator doesn’t work, which is why they want people to use the lever handle. From Hal Kelton of DoorData Solutions, some photos of […]

WW: Hollow Metal Doors (Literally)

I saw both of these doors today, in two different facilities.  Yes, they are both fire rated.  One is a cross-corridor pair and one is a stair door. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Carteret Arms, Trenton NJ

Still plagued by problems: Nearly a year after new ownership, troubled city apartment buildings remain in bad state – 5/29/11 “TRENTON — Block lettering on the emergency exits at the tops of the four stairwells in the Carteret Arms apartment building warns: ‘Tenants and guests are not permitted on roof.’  One of the doors, […]

Chinese Restaurant Egress

I first saw this door a few weeks ago but I was late for a meeting, so I hunted it down again.  It’s the rear exit from a Chinese restaurant – I didn’t go inside to check out the situation, but even if it’s just an exit from the kitchen it still doesn’t meet the […]

Reader Photos

Here’s the latest batch of reader photos…don’t forget to send me any interesting doors you see on your summer vacations! From Mary Hinton of Mulhaupt’s Inc., a McDonald’s bathroom door that would provide a convenient peephole for the kiddies.  Amazingly, this is not the first time we’ve seen this creative resolution to the problem. This […]

Blocked Egress Routes

We’re currently on our Summer 2011 Road Trip and I’m on the hunt for doors of interest, but so far I’m seeing more sights like this: But you’re in luck! Right before I left I got a huge batch of photos from Deputy Fire Marshal Daniel Wiltse, of the Bluffton Township Fire District in South […]

Quannapowitt Mag-Lock

Today my oldest daughter and I participated along with some of my coworkers and some of our compañeros from Trane, in the Quannapowitt Take the Lake 5K.  It was a beautiful morning and we walked/ran in honor of some of our friends and coworkers who have battled cancer or are still fighting. One of the […]

Mr. Fix-It

It was a slow day for doors…this is the only door of interest that I saw, and it was the door to Zeke’s shed.  It’s the door equivalent of “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.”  It looks good from the outside, but the inside could qualify for a submission to  🙂 Zeke and I […]


Remember the old playground joke, “How do you spell ‘I cup’?”  Somehow it seemed hysterical back in the day, but it’s not so funny now… As one commenter pointed out, this application is not unheard of for a preschool but this door is in a state university.  🙂 This reminds me of the classic post, […]

More Museum Hardware

Last weekend I put together the annual family photo album so I could order copies for the grandparents.  Mixed in with all of the vacation photos were a ton of doors.  Someday my grown-up kids will be on the psychiatrist’s couch…“My mother always took us places just so she could look for interesting doors…I’m scarred […]

WW: Arched Doors

Jeff Tock and Kyle Learch of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies saw these doors right after my post about closers for arched doors, and couldn’t believe the methods being used to get these doors closed. The doors had spring hinges as well. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Hole-y Swiss Cheese, Batman!

Sent in by Nolan Thrope of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  Thanks Nolan! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Reader Photos

I have spent this entire week at our corporate office, so I haven’t had a lot of time for posting.  In return for your patience, next week I will post the third and final article from Lewis C. Norton’s “How I Discovered Door Checks.”  That seems fair, right? I’m here in Carmel with about a […]

WW: Panic Attack

These buildings were ALL OCCUPIED when these photos were taken.  Depressing. From Jeff Bruno of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies: From Brendan Daley of Surveillance Specialties: From Wayne Ficklin of the Clark County Department of Aviation: From Nolan Thrope of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies: From Darren Patton of Isenhour Door: From Cliff Cohen of Armstrong Lock […]

Creative Application: Pair with Electric Strike

As many of you know, I was away last week to do some specwriter training.  While I thoroughly enjoyed hanging with some of my peeps for a few days (not to mention 12 hours in the car with 3 of them), my email really piled up.  I was so happy to find these photos in […]

Indoor Playground

I realize that I’m probably pickier than most when it comes to doors.  I notice things that almost nobody else does (except some of you!).  Well, I recently attended a preschool function at a local indoor playground, and I was shocked by what I saw.  The facility is relatively new and must have been inspected […]

Creative Power Transfers

Every so often a set of photos comes across my desk and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry (remember these?).  The photos below left me speechless.  I could have saved them for Wordless Wednesday since I have no words, but I couldn’t wait to share.  Thank you to Michael Glasser of Kroll Advisory […]

WW: Problem Solved

This photo was sent to me by two different people and had made the rounds before it got to them, so I don’t know who to give photo credit to.  Anyone want to admit to coming up with this creative solution? You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Everywhere I Go Again

More doors from my (local) travels… This is the main entrance to a bar in Boston.  I guess it’s not considered a nightclub, or it would have to comply with the revised requirements for nightclubs in Massachusetts.  The three locks are not code-compliant regardless, but I wonder how the codes define a nightclub.  Anyone know? […]

WW: This Door is Not Ajar

Anybody see the problem here? The source for this photo shall remain nameless to avoid embarrassment.  Don’t worry, my friend.  There are a thousand ways to screw up a door, I always say.  Yes, I really do say that.  😀 You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

No Special Knowledge or Effort

Here’s a little something to enjoy with your morning coffee.  Most of us are aware of the requirement for egress doors to be able to be unlocked/unlatched without a key, tool, or special knowledge or effort, but sometimes this requirement is overlooked, especially when hardware is retrofitted on an existing door. The electromagnetic lock in […]

WW: Measure Twice Drill 8 Times

I recently saw this closer prep on a brand-new fire door.  Now what? You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Centsational Installation

Step 4:  Invert the cylinder cam as shown. Or use your creativity to avoid looking at the instructions. This photo was sent in by Jon Dudley of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Emergency Lighting

In case you’re wondering, I do know that it’s not Wednesday, but I’m never actually Wordless either. Anybody see a problem here? This photo was sent to me by a fire marshal who shall remain nameless, but shall know that I appreciate him immensely! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Hold-Opens on a Bank of Doors

Am I the only one bothered by this?  Probably. I’m still at the CONSTRUCT show in Phoenix, so if you’re here stop by booth #739 before noon to visit.  I have a few cookies left. I saw this bank of doors as soon as I entered my hotel, and the armatures caught my eye.  I […]

WW: Airport Emergency Exit

On my way to Tucson I had a layover, and every single emergency exit door was set up similar to this one.  Thoughts? You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Chinese Take-Out

I’m not going to post the name of the person who sent these photos in, because I contacted the restaurant and I don’t want them to see his name here and seek revenge the next time he places an order.  I got no response after sending two emails…I wonder if the fire marshal eats here. […]

WW: Bollard Hold-Open

Yes, this is a fire door, and yes, the bollard is permanently bolted in place. Same facility, another rated pair…one leaf has manual flush bolts and no closer, the other is held open with a wedge: Photos:  Kent Krauser, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies I know this is Wordless Wednesday, but I wanted to mention a […]

Reader Photos

I have LOTS of reader photos that I haven’t had a chance to edit and post, so here’s the first batch!  Thank you for sending them, and keep them coming!  I’ll try to work faster in 2013! I received these photos from Mark Scanlan of New Hampshire Safe and Lock.  I guess this store needed […]

WW: Retail Exit

Yesterday’s mall shootings in Oregon should serve as a reminder to be aware of the available exits regardless of where you are.  This door could be tough to navigate in an emergency. This photo was sent by Krista Christensen of ProAble Hardware Specialties. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

Everywhere I Go – Church Edition

My husband has grown accustomed to me yelling, “Stop the car!” when I see a door of interest.  We actually had to circle the block and come back to this one in Nashville, Tennessee.  Judging from the entrance, I thought there might be some nice doors…I couldn’t process what I was seeing in time to […]

WW: Dead Battery – No Problem!

Today’s Wordless Wednesday photo was submitted by Joy Davis of the Construction Specifications Institute (@CSIConstruction on Twitter).  Thanks Joy! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: 5 Motions to Release the Latch

As most of you know, a required egress door must typically operate with only one motion to release the latch.  The common exception is dwelling unit entry doors in hotels and apartment buildings, which can have one additional locking device if the occupant load of the unit is 10 or less.  Take a look at […]

WW and WWYD: Panic Hardware Lockdown

Andrew Harris of Willis Klein sent me these photos of doors in a school district.  He had been called in to solve the problems that caused the school to resort to these locking measures. What would you recommend to help a school improve the lockdown capabilities of their panic hardware, and especially fire exit hardware? […]

Boston Strong

Last month I wrote about my experience on the day of this year’s Boston Marathon.  The slogan “Boston Strong” has emerged since then as the ultimate description of this city, which will not let senseless violence beat us down.  This weekend my friend and I took our kids downtown, and our first stop was the […]

Reader Photos – Closer Edition

I have A LOT of photos that have been sent in by readers of this blog – THANK YOU!  Here is the first batch, which all feature closers in various states of problematic. I received this one from Curtis Meskus, a building commissioner.  This is installed on a 40″ wide door, which “hits you on […]

More Reader Photos

I know it’s not Wordless Wednesday, but this photo from Alec Walsh of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies definitely left me wordless! This photo of a retail store’s emergency exit was sent by a code official asking what I though of the set-up.  It looks to me like an alarmed device and a delayed egress mag-lock.  […]

Even More Reader Photos

OK…who knows what’s wrong with the door in this photo, sent in by Jeff Tock of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies? Here are a couple more sent by Jeff.  The second one is obvious, but can you tell what’s wrong with the first one? This exit lock was the height of technology back in the early […]

New York City – Part 1

Over the weekend I spent some time in New York with my friends, and as you can probably imagine I saw A LOT of doors of interest.  Here are some of them… These bronze pulls are unusual, and a great illustration of what happens to US10B finish (oil-rubbed bronze) over time: This door made a […]

New York City – Part 2

Here are some more photos from my weekend in NYC…these are all about taking a closer look. When I was looking back through my photos I couldn’t figure out why I thought this pair was interesting.  Until I looked at the close-up.  Now I can’t look at either photo without seeing the giant piece of […]

WW: Duct Tape

From Vince Black of Black Hawk Doors, a restaurant owner’s solution to a closer arm stripped off the shaft, with the arm screw broken off in the closer body: You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Low Narrow Lite

I received today’s photo from Brenda Dove of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  I wonder if that glass is impact-resistant… You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Well, that’s one way of doing it.

To all of the architects out there…this is what can happen if you forgo the hardware consultant and let the electrician work out the details on-site.  Call us – we can help!  😉 Thank you to Joe Cross of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Conflict Resolution

This was found in a school, by A&L Doors & Specialties.  I have no words, except “thank you.”  Maybe some of you have words…if you do, leave a comment. You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Darn! They sent the wrong hand again! :D

This lever is not a code problem (although the astragal probably is – thanks Lee!), but the hand of the dummy lever should have been changed in the field so it didn’t have to be installed upside down.  Here’s how you do it (it’s easy!): Our installation instructions are available on – click the […]


When you’re faced with an opening where a floor stop or wall stop just won’t work, you could use an overhead stop.  If that’s not enough protection, you could use a door closer with advanced variable backcheck (AVB), which starts the backcheck (cushioning effect) earlier in the opening cycle and keeps the door from gaining momentum.  Or […]

WW: Ice Time

This photo, from an ice arena, gives me the chills.  Ice rinks are notoriously difficult locations for doors and hardware…lots of abuse, often a high occupant load, humidity and corrosion issues, and other contributing factors.  In case you don’t see the problem right away, look at the top of the mullion.  Angle brackets have been bolted to each […]

FF: Lock Fix

I will admit…new mortise locks can be pricey.  Luckily they usually last for decades.  But there comes a time when even a heavy duty mortise lock needs to retire. Thank you to Darren Patton and Nick Bobeck of Isenhour Door Installation Solutions for the photo! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Deep Freeze

Alec Walsh of Allegion sent me these photos a few weeks ago.  That door looks like it needs some thermal protection, right? And then Andrew Harris of Willis Klein sent me a link to this photo of a hotel door in MinneSnowTa (uploaded to Imgur by FallenPandaBear) which takes it to a whole new level… Have you […]

WW: Service Call

“What seems to be the problem?  Oh.” Thank you to my friends at New England Door Closer for the photo! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

FF: Security Solution

The 5th and final recipient of a $50 Amazon gift card in honor of iDigHardware’s 5th birthday is Brian Adrian of DH Pace! Brian sent me a great collection of his favorites, some of which I’m saving for future posts, but check out this Fixed-It Friday winner…

WW: Electric Hinge

Something a little different for today’s Wordless Wednesday photo – less of a fire door / egress code issue and more of a…fire hazard (and probably an electrical code problem!)?

WW: Vertical Rod Repair

When I look at a photo and can’t come up with the right thing to say, I know it needs to be posted for Wordless Wednesday…like this one from Kevin Taylor of Allegion…

Reader Photos

I’m in Dallas this week to teach DHI’s COR140 – Using Codes and Standards and then attend the DHI Conference – CoNEXTions 2014. It’s a crazy-busy week, so it may be a full week of reader photos. If you’ve been hoarding your awesome door photos, send them along!

WW: Casting Fail

I’ve only seen this a few times in my career.  I’ll bet it was messy. Thank you to Keith Krienke of the University of Calgary for today’s Wordless Wednesday post! You need to login or register to bookmark/favorite this content.

WW: Fire Extinguisher Access

When the wrong lock function is installed, there are ways to rectify the situation. Today’s Wordless Wednesday post is one of them…

WW: Have a Coke and a Smile

It’s Wordless Wednesday again, and these photos DEFINITELY left me wordless…

FF: Thru-Wire Hinge

On a thru-wire hinge, the wires are typically run through the thickness of the hinge leaf. Like inside of the hinge leaf where you can’t see them. Not actually through the hinge. Oh never mind. You’re doing it wrong.

WW: Hotel Exit

When I stay in a hotel I always check the fire doors and egress doors, and unfortunately I usually find issues. I guess I’m not the only one…

FF: Thru-Bolts, Who Needs ‘Em?

It’s my 20th anniversary with the company, my site has had more than 1 million pageviews, and I just received one of my favorite photos EVER! Check it out…


I spent most of last week in Arizona at the BHMA meeting, and I found this great (terrible) Wordless Wednesday photo for you. If you’re new to this site, the problem with this exit is that it has been modified for use as display space in a souvenir shop at the Phoenix airport. Doors in the means of egress must be visible, with no decorations, mirrors, curtains, or stuffed monkeys…

FF: Dutch Door and More

Mark Lineberger of Valley Doors and Hardware sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday photo. This dutch door (I use the term loosely) was seen at the NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal. I know it’s Friday but I’m Wordless.

FF: I’m Wordless

I know it’s Fixed-it Friday, but I’m Wordless. Maybe you can help? Caption this…

WW: Shop Till You Drop

Since it’s Wordless Wednesday, I’ll let you tell me what’s wrong with this “key-operated lock” application. Extra credit if you can tell me what changed about the key-operated lock requirements in the 2015 IBC…

FF: Screwed Up

The card reader in this photo was installed to prevent access to the stairs on the other side of this door.  A card reader on the push side of a door with an electric strike and panic hardware doesn’t provide security, because you can just push on the touchpad of the panic to exit.  To […]

FF: Multicultural Madness

When I stopped for a snack yesterday, I didn’t expect to be called into service on a defective door that was threatening to crush someone while simultaneously preventing egress. The fun never stops…

WW: Duct Tape Again

I can’t believe how many photos of duct-taped doors I have posted (here are a few: 1, 2, 3)! Debbie White of Allegion sent me this one. Wow…

FF: Spoon Retrofit

Christy Cross of Schiller Architectural Hardware sent in today’s Fixed-it Friday photos of a lock repair seen on a restaurant mens’ room…

FF: Viral Door Problems

I love when door-related issues go viral, and “regular” people focus on doors for a change. Unfortunately, it usually takes a broken door to make people notice. Just in time for Fixed-it Friday, here’s one from the Milwaukee Brewers blog, about when Bob Uecker and his crew got stuck in the radio booth during a game (click the photo to visit their blog)…

WW: Mullion, you’re doing it wrong.

I realized that what I was looking at was a removable mullion that was not mounted behind the doors as it was designed, but between the doors, leaving visible gaps along the lock edge of each door. The black spacers are needed…

FF: Bungee (Again)

The funny thing about this Fixed-it Friday photo is that it arrived on the same day from 2 different people – Steve Murray of Security Lock Distributors, and Ed Marchakitus of Cornell Storefront Systems. Thanks to both of you!

WW: Emergency Exit Only

Today’s Wordless Wednesday photo came from RB Sontag of Allegion. This is a roof door (which really shouldn’t be an emergency exit anyway) and I can’t imagine how secure a chain wrapped around the lever would be, but if the exit is to be taken out of service they should talk to the fire marshal and change the signage…

WW: Bungee Exit Alarm

I have nothing to say except “thank you to Grah Security for today’s Wordless Wednesday photo.”

FF: Unfixable

Yesterday’s post was not ready in time for the afternoon notification, so in addition to today’s Fixed-it Friday photo, there’s a bonus set of photos from the Bronx Zoo. If you’re reading this on the email notification, you should see the zoo link below. Happy Friday!

WW: Day Care “Egress”

These photos from an Alabama day care center make me nauseous. Literally. I’m Wordless.

FF: Screwed Up

I didn’t know whether this should be a Wordless Wednesday photo or a Fixed-it Friday photo, but it’s Friday so here goes (I AM Wordless though)…

FF: Good Luck Getting Out

Some Fixed-it Friday photos result in mixed emotions – sadness that people resort to these methods, excitement that I have something to share with you that will make you shake your head, concern that the creative application could cause harm. Like these photos from Leo Lebovits of M&D Door & Hardware, taken at a public swimming pool…

WW: Panic Problem

Sometimes I wonder if y’all are creating these Wordless Wednesday and Fixed-it Friday photos just so you can get famous. 🙂

FF: Break Glass

This photo from Kristi Dietz of LaForce, Inc. (check out their blog!), is not just your everyday Fixed-it Friday photo. It is one of my favorite Fixed-it Friday photos OF ALL TIME! And no, it’s not code-compliant…at least not in any jurisdiction that I know of…

WW: Abuse and Neglect

Today’s Wordless Wednesday photo was sent by Nolan Thrope of Allegion…this is a cross-corridor fire door in a school. The closer is missing as well as the obvious hinge problem. Sadly, this type of neglect is not uncommon. 🙁

WW: Exit? Or No Exit?

This Wordless Wednesday photo (from Keith Brown and Steve Bildzok of Allegion) reminds me of how I feel when I walk into my kids’ bedrooms. “WHY? What is all of this crap on the floor and why isn’t it put away where it belongs? What excuse could you possibly have…

WW: Hangar Exit (or not)

This Wordless Wednesday photo was posted on the Truck Floor Training Facebook page, by Ian Vandenberg of Travis County Fire Rescue. I just love the extra-large wood wedges…

It’s not you. Bad doors are everywhere.

As a hardware consultant, there were many times that I tactfully pointed out to an architect what I thought was a door-related design problem. My advice was usually ignored unless the issue was code-related. Finally…vindication from Vox and 99% Invisible.

FF: Inactive Active Leaf

According to Ken Cook of Allegion, today’s Fixed-it Friday photo is from a church in Indianapolis, where a small earthquake in 2004 broke some underground pipes. This is one way to solve the problem…

FF: Backwards Doors

It looks like this TV show needs a new quality-control expert with some experience in doors!

WW: Crooked

This photo was sent to me by Joanne Gretter of Herman Gibans Fodor, Inc., and I really have no words.

FF: Skewed

Today’s Fixed-it Friday photo is not an April Fool’s Day joke, the result of a bad camera angle, or an image that has been Photoshopped. The doors are skewed to the left, and it looks like the floor is sloped. The hardware is horizontal, as is the graphic on the wall…

FF: Access Control Alternative

According to Andy, this lock is on the exterior door of a school’s bus garage. Inside the “bag” is a stack of large washers, and when it is attached to the lever it allows drivers to enter the garage without using the card reader. Even though it’s Friday, I’m Wordless…

WW: Angle-Iron Stop

Thank you to Ted Wightman of Allegion for today’s Wordless Wednesday photo! I have no words…

FF: Auto Operator Coordination

If an automatic operator is properly coordinated so the latch is released when the actuator is pressed, only the signage required by the BHMA standard should be needed. This is an accident waiting to happen.

WW: Shoe Storage

Today’s Wordless Wednesday post is from Brian Rafferty, via the Fire and Life Safety Inspectors group on Facebook. I’ve got nothing to say about this one.

WW: Bent

I have no idea what happened here. Wordless…

FF: Electric Strike Prep

For today’s Fixed-it Friday photo, how about a little before-and-after action from Jimmy Resedean Jr. of A Better Door and Window Co.?

FF: Hospital Door

What led to this “fix”? Any theories?

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I’m very curious to know what happened here. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Any ideas?

FF: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

For everyone who has asked, I’m feeling quite a bit better – thanks! The cough is still lingering a bit, but hopefully it will clear up before I head to Carmel next week.

FF: Out of Alignment

I’ve seen a lot of fix-it attempts. But I don’t think I have ever seen one quite like this.

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