Some creative and unusual hardware applications sent in by blog readers:

From James Caron of Kamco Supply of New England, a rated elevator door with deactivated spring hinges and a luggage cart just in case they suddenly became self-closing again, and a mismatched mag-holder and armature location rectified with a chain:

Sent by Bob Caron from Kelley Brothers of New England, wood boxes with push plates mounted on them, built over surface vertical rods.  These are on a federal building in Vermont.  I’ll bet the architect didn’t have this in mind when he visualized this opening.

And a funky old closer from Tom Riddle of the Mid-Atlantic office of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies:

Thanks everyone, and keep the photos coming!

Update:  Frequent blog reader and door closer lover Jess identified the “funky old closer” as a Kant-Slam gate/door closer (here’s a link).  Thanks Jess!

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