Thank you to everyone who has sent me photos of doors they’ve seen in their travels (or while laying on the couch).  Kelly Chimilar from Allmar Inc. noticed these doors with an obvious egress problem while watching Thursday Night Football.  If you don’t know what the problem is, I will hold a special online study session for you after work tonight.  😉

Denver Football Stadium

Zeke Wolfskehl saw this beautiful door in Telluride:

Beautiful Door at a Telluride Restaurant

Some Illinois residents are upset about the 3 beautiful pairs of doors recently installed at the Illinois Capitol – with a pricetag of $669,608 (thank you to Lee Francisco of DH Pace for sending a link to the article).  What do you think?  Should the state be paying more than $200,000 per opening to replace doors in this historic building?

Illinois Capitol Doors

AP Photo

Alec Walsh of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies spotted this 90-minute pair in need of some attention.  Another reminder of why fire doors need to be inspected annually…I wonder how long it will be before this closer is repaired.

90 Minute Pair

Some readers prefer to post their photos anonymously…I’m sure they have a good reason but I like to believe it’s because they’re in the Witness Protection Program.  🙂  Anybody know what’s wrong with these fire doors?

  Fire Door Hinge  Fire Door Lever

Fire Door Closer

Chuck Park from Fire Door Inspection Service and I have been trying to solve the mystery of the 4th hinge on this door.  The door and frame are prepped for it, so it doesn’t look like it was added in the field.  If the door’s not more than 90″ tall, why the 4th hinge and why is it in that location?

4th Hinge

I have more photos, but I’ve had enough doors for today!  Happy Friday!

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