I’m Lori Greene, Manager – Codes and Resources with Allegion.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an architect say, with passion, “I HATE HARDWARE!” On the other hand, I work with lots of hardware consultants who like hardware enough to work in this industry for 10, 20, 30, 40 years, or even longer (you know who you are!). I also field questions from security consultants, code officials, integrators, locksmiths and other facility personnel who have a healthy respect for doors and hardware.

I have worked in the door and hardware industry since 1986, starting with an aluminum storefront company, working with two different door and hardware distributors and a manufacturers’ rep agency, and I joined MPS Sales in 1994.  MPS was the New England representative for several hardware brands that were part of Ingersoll Rand, and in 2001 we became direct employees of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  In December of 2013, IRST’s security-related businesses became a separate company – Allegion.

My role is to provide support and education on the code requirements that pertain to doors and hardware, as well as working in code development.  I started iDigHardware.com in 2009 because during my career I’ve been asked hundreds of questions, many of them again and again.  You will find answers to most code questions related to door openings on this site (you may want to start with the Articles or Videos pages), and for specific questions you can contact the ACE (Allegion Code Expert) in your area who is knowledgeable about the local code requirements.  The Allegion Code Reference Guide may be helpful, and there is also online training available.  And for a little educational fun, check out the Wordless Wednesday and Fixed-it Friday posts.

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AllegionLori Greene, DAHC/CDC, CCPR, FDAI, FDHI
Manager, Codes and Resources

Email: lori.greene@allegion.com

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