More from my inbox fall cleaning…

Austin Baumann of Central Indiana Hardware sent me this photo of the emergency exit in a mirror maze.  This would be considered a special amusement building – I wrote about some of the requirements for those occupancies here.  I have often seen means of egress modifications allowed in this type of facility, but in my opinion this exit is not visible enough.  What do you think?

Mirror Maze

One of my Allegion coworkers, Scott Stepard, searched high and low to find a code requirement that would officially show that these floor stops are a tripping hazard.  Although he found a recommendation in a DHI document, it’s not a standard that has been referenced by code.  Any ideas?

Floor Stops

Deputy Jeff Tock, also from Allegion, sent these photos of an interesting pair of doors hung on pocket pivots with LCN 4000T closers.  This application is typically used when the doors are held open most of the time, but the graphic on the door would only show if the doors are closed.


IMG_1084  IMG_1085

Ian Baren of Katonah Architectural Hardware sent me this photo showing what happened after they supplied the mortise locks for this project.  I don’t think you have to be a code expert to realize that this application is a problem – not just two operations to release the latch(es), but 2 SIMULTANEOUS operations.

Two Operations

I’ve got to run, so I’ll just hang this right here for now.  🙂

Hose Hanger

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