Danny Estryk of Entry Systems Ltd. sent me these photos of some very early offset pivots.  The wood doors and the other portion of the pivots that were attached to them are long gone, but the stone portion remains.  This opening is at the Belvoir Fortress in the Jordan Valley of Israel, built by the crusaders beginning in 1168.

As you all head out for your summer vacations, don’t forget to send me some photos!

Here are some more vacation photos from Jim White of Kamco Supply Corp of Boston, from his trip to Florida.  This door is both curved (check out the threshold) and arched.

Here’s a photo of an opportunistic hold open from Jim McDonald, along with the internet classic Defendius Door Chain from the Art Lebedev Studio.

Peter Wilson of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies saw this creative application in his travels:

Tina DeSplinter, also of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, saw this jamb-mounted closer installation:

Peter Jordan of Jordan Consultants sent me obvious evidence of door abuse (what’s with the extra hinges being used as locks?):

And Brendan Daley of Surveillance Specialties sent me this photo of his study partner, helping him interpret the IBC.  I tried to get my cat to help me with some code questions and she reminded me that I had already used her photo without her permission.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and keep the photos coming!

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