Thank you for visiting  I am Lori Greene, and my role with Allegion is to provide education and support on the code requirements that affect door openings.  On this site you can find in-depth information about accessibility codes, fire door assemblies, life-safety and egress, as well as the code requirements for electrified hardware.

Fire door assemblies play an important role in protecting building occupants from the spread of smoke and flames.  Here’s a video all about fire door assemblies:

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Fire door assemblies are required by NFPA 80 to be inspected after installation, after maintenance, and annually, to ensure that they are functioning properly.  If you’d like to order any of our laminated fire door inspection cards, just request them using this form – make sure to include your name, shipping address, and the quantity of cards you need.  I can also send you the print file if you’d like to have them printed locally.  The cards measure 5 1/2 inches x 11 inches and contain information about the NFPA 80 requirements for fire door assembly inspections:


Additional information on fire door inspection is available here:

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You can also download the Allegion Code Reference Guide here.

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