It has been a while since I’ve received a new batch of photos from Israel but these were worth the wait.  The Hurva is a reconstructed synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem, with a long, storied history.  Construction on the original synagogue began in the early 1700’s, but the unfinished building was destroyed in 1721.   It was rebuilt in 1864 and destroyed again in 1948.  The most recent reconstruction began in 2005, and the reconstructed synagogue was officially opened on March 15, 2010.

You can read about the history of the Hurva by following the links below.  But before you go, enjoy the doors.  🙂

Gate Exterior Gate Interior

Clad Door Exterior The Hurva - Exterior

Interior of the Hurva Interior of the Hurva

The Hurva Synagogue on the

The Hurva Synagogue on Wikipedia

Many thanks to Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems, Ltd. for these photos.

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