Restroom Kits for Automatic Operators

Questions continue to arise regarding how to properly specify/supply hardware for a single restroom door with an automatic operator.  The challenge is that the outside actuator (push button) for the automatic operator has to be interfaced with the locking system; otherwise, the actuator could open the door even when the restroom is occupied.

FF: ADA Upgrade

I received these photos from Don Funsch of Commercial Mill & Builders Supply. The interesting thing about these photos is not that the mailbox has been placed in front of the door, because this door isn't a required means of egress. What makes them worthy...

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Construction Specifier: Battling the Barricade

In the wake of any tragedy, society struggles collectively to process the loss. For some it is the loss of friends and loved ones, but for most it is our feelings of safety and trust in the overall goodness of our fellow man that are diminished or seemingly lost entirely. In their place, we are filled with an overwhelming desire to do something...