As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I took my family for a short trip to Aguascalientes, Mexico last week.  It’s a beautiful city, and of course I took lots of photos of amazing doors!

In the theme of Wordless Wednesday…padlocks and chains were a common sight:

Padlocked door in La Ciudad De Aguascalientes   Padlocked door in La Ciudad De Aguascalientes

Padlocked door in La Ciudad De Aguascalientes

This was on the front door of the bank!

The fair was in town, so random businesses and homes offered their bathrooms for a fee…this sign made it clear that the charge was per person, not per group sharing the baño at the same time:

This egress deterrent was on the door of a kids’ art space…I guess the cable lock wasn’t enough?


Of course we couldn’t visit Aguascalientes without going to the thermal baths…I noticed that there was an outdoor dining space with a 10-foot drop and no railing, and I was very thankful that my kids are beyond the toddler years:

Here’s a little video of the drop:

This door knocker was huge…padlock for scale (plus a regular-sized knocker that caught my eye):


I saw several GIANT sliding doors…remember, manually-operated sliders can not serve an occupant load of more than 10 people.  Both of these buildings were large assembly spaces:

Here’s another wide door – this time a swinging door:

And a few cool facades and entrances:

I saw lots of accessibility efforts – it’s a major component of the local government’s 400-page improvement plan – but it’s tough to address the existing infrastructure:

Finally, part of my crew blocking a marked exit.  The door was locked with a double-cylinder deadbolt anyway:

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