I passed through three different airports today during my 36-hour travel odyssey that involved at least 10 flight delays, a flat tire on the plane, an unplanned overnight in a hotel, several missed connections, and my traditional travel dinner of a bag of Fritos and a Twix bar.  The good news is that I finally made it to my meeting.  If you have a code question, keep working with your local ACE (Allegion Code Expert) because I’m on the road again this week.  To find the list of ACEs, click the orange ball in the right sidebar.  –>

Anyway, when I saw the doors in these photos again in one of the airports (I’ve noticed them many times), I was reminded of a question that I received last week.  When a stop or holder is mounted on the floor, at what point does it become a tripping hazard?  I have not found a specific reference in the model codes or referenced standards on the mounting location.

Have you run into this situation before?  WWYD?

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