Sliding and Folding Doors

Egress Through Automatic Sliding Doors

Although there is a section in the I-Codes dedicated to automatic doors, this section does not address the hardware used for security and egress. Locks for automatic sliding doors are covered in other sections of the model codes.

WWYD? – Folding Partition Closet

I have specified hardware for this application several times in the past, but when it came up again today I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some feedback from all of you and come up with the best way to handle this type of opening.  It's a storage closet for a large folding partition to divide a room.  When the folding partition is stored in the closet, both leaves of the door are in the same plane to fill the opening.  When the folding partition is out of storage and dividing the room, it still extends into the closet so the small leaf of the pair folds back against the larger leaf, to leave space for the folding partition.

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WWYD? Sliding Door

I've stayed at several hotels lately that had a sliding door on the bathroom within the hotel room.  This solves some coordination issues involving the door swing and the method of stopping the door, but creates questions of its own.  What type of sliding door hardware do you prefer for a solid core sliding door?  And what type of latch do you use for privacy?

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