I was recently asked to create a class for locksmiths, installers, or others who are looking for a crash course on the most frequently-asked code questions related to door openings.  And here it is!

This presentation addresses some of the basics of code-compliant door openings –  including requirements for egress, fire protection, and accessibility.  Can a fire door be modified in the field?  How are existing holes in fire doors filled?  Are deadbolts allowed in a means of egress?  Where is panic hardware required?  Some of the electrified hardware applications are covered as well.  It’s a lot of information packed into 51 1/2 minutes.  🙂

This on-demand presentation offers 2 continuing education units for DHI.  Please share the link to this post with anyone who could benefit from this training.  And if you need to find the class again in the future, I have added it to the Webinars page, along with the 6 other webinars I’ve recently conducted.

Click here to access the Crash Course in Codes.

For additional resources related to the topics covered in this class, visit iDigHardware.com/crashcourse.

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