One thing that I’ve definitely noticed in Copenhagen is the difference in accessibility.  Although I have seen some modifications to make these very old buildings more accessible, the restroom entrance shown in today’s Wordless Wednesday photos was an extreme example of a lack of access.  I didn’t have a tape measure handy, but I think you can get the gist.

Approaching the restroom in this museum, you pass through a room where you are invited to write on a post-it note what makes you happy:


When we passed through the doorway to hang up our coats, I saw the restroom sign and wondered where it could be since it seemed like a dead end:


Here is my foot for scale – the restroom sign is out the door and to my left:

The U.S. Access Board’s ADA Guide includes a helpful animation showing how someone using a wheelchair would maneuver through a doorway.  Clearly, it would be impossible to maneuver through the doorway above in a wheelchair.  Below is a public restroom near Rosenborg Castle that takes accessibility into account:


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