The Allegion 101 series was designed for people who are new to the industry, new to the Allegion family of brands, or just want to learn more about hardware.  We have needed a course like this for years, as it can be very difficult to a) encourage new people to join the door and hardware industry, and b) get them up-to-speed on the products and applications.  Although nobody outside of the industry seems to think much about doors (until they don’t work), it’s a highly technical field with a lot of opportunity for dedicated individuals.

The last class in the first Allegion 101 series is this week, but don’t worry, the course begins again on January 12th!  If you know of someone who is new to the industry, or maybe someone in another role who could begin learning more about the technical / product side of things, set them up with this course!

This Tuesday:

  • 1:00pm – 2:30pm Eastern: Allegion 101 – Protect the Door: Ives, Zero, and More

    • In this session, we’ll conclude the series by addressing some of the most common hardware used to complete an opening and to protect a door and the opening from everyday wear-and-tear and abuse. From Ives kick plates and armor plates to Zero seals, thresholds, and door bottoms, you’ll learn the basics of these product families, including their model numbers/nomenclature. We will also familiarize you with a few products, such as coordinators and overhead holders and stops, that you are likely to encounter in this wonderfully-detailed world of architectural hardware.

The complete list of classes in the Allegion 101 series is here, and you can register using the links on the Allegion Virtual Events Calendar.  If you miss a class, the recordings are on the Event Board of the Allegion Training Page.


We’ll be back in 2021 with more online learning opportunities!

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