Wrapping up my summer road trip through Guatemala, here are a few Fixed-it Friday photos – and a question.

Although not door-related, this sign situation seemed odd to me.  Why replace the old signs with the new, and leave the old ones in place?  Any ideas?

When I worked for a distributor many moons ago, we supplied toilet partitions and other Division 10 items.  I liked detailing toilet partitions…the rules were comforting and I was pretty good at math.  I remember my manager cautioning me about specs that called for ceiling-hung toilet partitions and trying to talk architects out of using them.  That application is one of those things that seems like a good idea but is difficult to successfully execute.  I was reminded of the Good Old Days in an airport bathroom last week, when I saw this fix for ceiling-hung toilet partitions (the silver paint is a nice touch):

And here’s the question.  Another bathroom, this time a McDonalds (a very fancy McDonalds!).  I noticed that the door pull was mounted near the edge of the plate instead of in the center, which is typical in my experience.  What is the reason for mounting the pull near the edge?


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