Joe Prosser of LaForce, Inc., sent me a link to an article about a product called Surfaceskins, which is a “push-pad” (pulls are also available) that releases a small amount of antibacterial gel when touched.  I know that the transmission of bacteria is a huge problem – especially for health care facilities, and the door and hardware industry has been working on various solutions like anti-microbial coatings and base materials that kill germs.

Have any of you ever used a product like this?  What are the pros and cons vs. other methods of controlling the spread of bacteria?  I think it’s an interesting idea, but will people actually touch the pad once they know that gel will be released?  Will facility personnel replace the pads weekly, as recommended?

Note: I am not affiliated with this company or product.  I’m just interested in your (constructive) feedback.

Photo: University of Leeds

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