Before anyone says, “Why didn’t you stop and see me??”, we were only in Savannah for a quick lunch break.  🙂

Here are some interesting doors from the River Street vicinity…

I saw this door and thought – “Cool!  Half-surface hinges!”  Ok – that makes me sound like a weirdo but that’s really what I thought.  Then I noticed there are actually three half-mortise hinges installed wrong and one half-surface hinge, or some other creative solution that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Arched Door

Arch Closer

This pair was in the restaurant where we had lunch.  Let’s see…no panic hardware, a double cylinder deadbolt and a rim deadbolt, surface bolts at the head, partially-blocked egress width, and check out the arched door closer mounting (they’re doing it wrong).

Arched Exit

There were some cool door pulls:

Bark Pulls

Cleat Pull

Pull, but do it gently!

Pull Gently

Hopefully these doors aren’t needed for egress:

Bench Blocking Egress

The beautiful Savannah Cotton Exchange has giant sliders:

Cotton Exchange

The lock is pretty low-tech…

Sliding Door Lock

But this creative device is to lock the doors in the open position:

Sliding Door Hold Open

I’m not a fan of the fake doors, especially with the storefront door held open in front of the decorative one.

Flower Boxes

One of the kids pointed this one out…I think door hunting has become like a scavenger hunt to them:

Green Locks

Someone obviously put a lot of work into these and I appreciate the effort, but this is a hot mess:

Hot Mess

Why are mail slots always horizontal?  So gravity can help keep the little door closed?  And maybe I’m being picky, but I don’t think those are the manufacturer’s original closer fasteners.

Mail Slot

A cool nautical opening:

Nautical Door

I hope this door is just for show, because I don’t think it will operate properly:

Pole Hold Open

So THAT’s what that bar is for…I’ve been wondering.

Push Bar

The 4th closer mounting…side jamb (not really):

Side Jamb Closer Mounting

Do these 2 deadbolts double the security?  Only if that glass is unbreakable.

Two Deadbolts

I keep wondering why the center door is so tall – in my experience architects usually want to carry the horizontal sight line straight across.

Storefront with Tall Door

Tall Door

I know that some of you have door photos from your holiday travels.  Don’t be a Scrooge!  Share!  🙂

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