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Hold-Opens on a Bank of Doors

Am I the only one bothered by this?  Probably. I’m still at the CONSTRUCT show in Phoenix, so if you’re here stop by booth #739 before noon to visit.  I have a few cookies left. I saw this bank of doors as soon as I entered my hotel, and the armatures caught my eye.  I […]

Music City Center – Nashville, Tennessee

I know what you’re thinking…”When is she going to stop talking about Nashville and get on to something interesting like gasketing or clear opening width?”  😀 I just processed my last group of photos from Nashville and all but a few were from the Music City Center, so I added the other ones to my […]

Swing Free in School?

Over the weekend I visited a local high school for a swim meet.  Right away I noticed MANY pairs of fire doors equipped with LCN Sentronics, which are designed to hold the doors open until the fire alarm sounds and then close the doors to deter the spread of smoke and flames.  Some of these […]

Back to Cape Cod

A few years ago I took my family to a resort on Cape Cod for winter break, and I spent this past weekend at the same resort.  On our first visit, I found a lot to write about…the hinges on all of the cross-corridor doors had been modified (sometimes very badly) and were no longer code-compliant […]

FF: Fire Door

This photo from Linda Varnadore of Allegion left me Wordless, but I couldn’t wait until next Wednesday to share it.  I guess this qualifies as a Fixed-it Friday photo, since someone obviously fixed whatever problems this fire door had by holding it open for the foreseeable future.  🙁  

WW: Duct Tape

I received this photo from Chuck Noble of Certified Fire Door, and it is the epitome of Wordless Wednesday…

FF: Canadian Ingenuity

My friend Bill Elliott sent me these photos from a recent trip to Canada. The hold-open device is pretty crafty, but check out the non-slip surface on the ramp!

FF: Magnetic Holder Bracket

For the record, this is not a code-compliant way of providing an extension for a magnetic holder…

FF: Serendipitous Hold-Open

It’s Fixed-it Friday! And just announced…I will be conducting my online Decoded course on behalf of the Door and Hardware Institute starting next week!

WWYD: Fusible Link Arms

NFPA 80 does not prohibit their use but the International Building Code (IBC) requires automatic-closing doors in certain locations to be smoke-activated…automatic-closing by the actuation of smoke detectors…

FF: Residential Corridors

The purpose of cross-corridor doors in this application would be to compartmentalize the building. The magnetic holders make it clear that the intention is for the doors to close if there is a fire alarm. This is obviously not going to happen if there are wood wedges in place…

FF: Do Not Bend

The theory is that the stick on this hold-open is there so you don’t have to bend over to install/remove the wedge. I’ll bet the architect who chose those door pulls didn’t have this aesthetic in mind. Thank you to Rachel Smith of Karpen Steel for this Fixed-it Friday photo!

Reader Photos

It’s been a really long time since I posted a collection of reader photos because I’ve been using a lot of these submissions for Wordless Wednesday and Fixed-it Friday. Here are some of the reader photos that have been patiently waiting in my inbox…

Decoded: Delayed Egress vs. Controlled Egress (November 2015)

From the November issue of Doors & Hardware…the table below addresses the requirements for delayed egress and controlled egress, for both the IBC and NFPA 101. Do you know the difference?

WW: Kick-Down Stops

Nathan Burkhardt of Opening Technologies sent me this Wordless Wednesday photo of the kick-down stops (holders) they removed from the fire doors on one of their projects. Wow.

FF: Kick-Up Holder

Tim Weller of Allegion sent me this Fixed-it Friday photo, which features a kick-down stop (holder) in the new and improved “kick-up” custom mounting configuration…

QQ: Holding Force for Automatic-Closing Doors

I’ve received this question a couple of times lately…What is the maximum holding force allowed for an electromagnetic holder (or other automatic-closing device)?

FF: Custom Mag-Holder Bracket

Frankly, I’m surprised this magnetic holder has enough strength to keep the door open, considering that the armature is mounted right at the closer instead of near the door edge…

FF: Do Not “Prop” This Door Open

Rick Jermain of Allegion sent me this Fixed-it Friday photo. Very cute. 😀

FF: Light Duty Hold-Open

This problem-solving application was found in a school, but at least the door is not fire-rated…

FF: Extension Rod

Charles Anderson sent me this Fixed-it Friday photo of a creative solution he saw at a university. Is it me or do some of those parts look like they came from the “leftover box” in the lockshop?

FF: Double-Strength Holding Power

When Deputy Jeff Tock of Allegion sent me this Fixed-it Friday photo of double kick-down holders, I knew what you would ask…

FF: Trading One Problem For Another

In the case shown in today’s Fixed-it Friday photo, a retail store has implemented this creative hold-open because of an assault that occurred in their public restroom…

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