This is one of those very specific but interesting questions.  I hope some of you have insight to share.

Some hotels have rooms that can be rented individually or as a suite.  Here’s an example:

Normally, the main door serving the suite has a magnetic holder – often with a higher holding force than a typical magnetic holder so staff can control whether that door is held in the open position (when rooms are rented individually), or allowed to close (when rooms are rented as a suite).  I posted about this application at the W Hotel in Boston, a project I wrote the hardware spec for eons ago.

On a recent hotel project, an iDigHardware reader told me that the AHJ did not require door closers for the individual doors to the rooms, because the main door had a door closer and a magnetic holder that would release and allow the door to close if the fire alarm was activated.  The AHJ treated the individual doors like communicating doors between two hotel rooms…the doors had to latch, but did not have to be self-closing.  When two rooms are used as a suite, no fire separation is required between the rooms.

I had not considered this before.  The main door does provide the necessary fire protection, but it means that under normal operation the individual doors could be left standing open even when the main door was also open; this is a security risk.

Is this typical for this room layout?  How have you been specifying/supplying this application – with closers on the individual doors, or without?  WWYD?

Floor Plan: CMB Commercial Designers

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