This may not be immediately recognizable to everyone, but the bracket at the top of the door is for mounting a mag-lock “top jamb” on the pull side of the door.  If you don’t like the look of the top-jamb bracket, don’t specify mag-locks mounted on the pull side of the door.  Unless it’s a 6′-8″ door and then a pull-side mounting is really your only choice because of the minimum clear height requirement of 80 inches (or 78 inches if the code official is being tolerant).

Below the bracket is the magnetic holder, which will release upon actuation of the fire alarm and allow the door to close and latch.  It looks like the bracket for the mag-lock projects too far off the face of the door, so the armature of the magnetic holder was extended with a Fixed-it Friday method.  Most manufacturers have extenders that are listed for use with their magnetic holders and are uch easier, more durable, more aesthetically pleasing, and listed for this purpose.

Thank you to Brenda Dove of Allegion for sending today’s Fixed-it Friday photo!

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