Erich Russ of Jeske Hardware sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday photos and I’ll admit, at first I thought this was just another pair of fire doors with kick-down stops.  But take a closer look…

Here we see a pair of cross-corridor doors in a hotel corridor.  They are fire doors with fire exit hardware and magnetic holders.  These hold-open devices will keep the doors in the open position until the fire alarm system is activated, and then they will release so the doors close and latch, helping to prevent the spread of smoke and fire.  It’s obvious from the position of the doors that the magnetic holders are not working, as the armatures are not contacting the electromagnets.

The kick-down stops have been added, to hold the doors in the open position.  If you’re new around here, this is not compliant with the codes and standards, as these fire doors will not automatically close and latch if a fire occurs.

  Kick stop on fire door

Here’s where the closer look comes in.  Check out the magnetic holders.  When the electromagnets failed (probably due to an open signal from the fire alarm panel), someone attempted a creative fix.  When this didn’t work, I’m guessing that’s when the kick-down stops were added.

Happy Fixed-it Friday!

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