Here are a few more applications that I saw on my road trip – I’m finally heading home on Sunday!  The photos from Part 1 are here, in case you missed them.

On a 3-week trip, a girl’s got to do her laundry.  Of course I investigated how the laundry room door in my hotel was held open.  I was hoping that the door had a magnetic holder, but the door was “conveniently” hung up on the floor stop.  And yes – it was a fire door.

I stayed in 8 different hotels on this trip and saw LOTS of fire doors improperly held open.  The louver in this ice room fire door caught my eye…the door will be useless for deterring the spread of smoke if there is even a small fire in the room.

In this retail store I first noticed the semi-blocked exit, but after I saw a rat run past the front door (outside), I realized what was going on at the bottom of the emergency exit.

And finally, this restroom door application is a perfect example of where a raised barrel hinge should have been specified.



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