Earlier this week I posted some Wordless Wednesday photos sent by John Lozano of Allegion, which showed a ratchet strap being used to secure a classroom door.  John also sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday photos, illustrating another classroom locking method.  I fully realize that school districts are doing anything they can to secure classroom doors in case of an active shooter event or other incident, but I do not recommend the method shown here.

The door in today’s photos probably has a traditional classroom function lockset.  This lock requires someone with a key to open the door and insert the key in the outside lever to lock it.  Obviously this is not ideal, but the barricade device pictured here also requires the door to be opened for the angle bracket to be installed.  There are other problems with this method, which you can read about in this Decoded article.

In some schools with existing traditional classroom function locksets, policies have been set to require the outside lever to be kept in the locked position at all times.  Lock functions can sometimes be changed in the field (there’s a video on this page); in some cases new locks may be needed.  Many school districts have combined security upgrades with changes needed for existing schools to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).  School security and safety are important enough to merit the investment.

After the 2021 school shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan, there was a lot of publicity surrounding the use of classroom barricade devices at the school.  A detailed report on the shooting was recently released, and in yesterday’s post I shared an update to an article in Campus Safety Magazine that addressed some of the report’s findings related to barricade devices.  I highly recommend reading the update if not the full after-action report.

For additional information on school security and safety, visit the website of The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS), and download the PASS School Security Guidelines, or access resources on classroom barricade devices.

barricade device in classroom door

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