Matte Black door handle and lockThis Quick Question hit my inbox last week, regarding the matte black finish that has become more popular lately:

Do the accessibility standards include requirements related to the finish (color) of door hardware?

The concern was that hardware in a black finish would be difficult to use for someone with limited vision, especially when installed on a door with a dark finish.  But what about satin chrome hardware on a clear anodized aluminum door?

For once, this Quick Question has a quick answer.  There is nothing stated in the accessibility standards regarding the color of the door hardware, nor the contrast between the operable hardware and the door.  I contacted the U.S. Access Board, in case there were recommendations that have not yet been included in the standards.  The Access Board representative confirmed that the ADA Standards for Accessible Design do not address door hardware finish.

Although there could be a state or local requirement related to the hardware finish, I have not yet seen anything.  If you run across this interpretation in the field, let me know!

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