Last night I was having dinner with some friends, and I spent a lot of time talking to a high school math teacher who works in an alternative middle school/high school.  If kids get into trouble at the school they are attending, they may be assigned to my friend’s school for a period of time (6 weeks or more) before they can go back to their school.  It was really interesting to hear about some of the security measures in place, which included metal detectors, bag searches, rules about only allowing packaged foods and unopened drinks to be brought for lunch, and locked doors.

This school has electronic access control on the exterior doors, and the classroom doors are lockable with a key.  In this case, the keys are needed to ensure that only an authorized person can lock the door, and staff members always have keys on hand to enter a classroom quickly.  In some schools, the priority is for anyone to be able to lock the door at any time, so a push button or thumbturn lock is used instead of a lock operated only by a key.  There isn’t one lock function that works for every school.

I’m curious about what you are currently seeing as the preferred lock function(s) for classroom doors.  WWYD?

Allegion has updated the infographic below, to help educate school administrators and staff on the available options for classroom door locks.  A PDF of the infographic can be downloaded here.

Best practice for securing classroom infographic

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