Q&A GraphicIn my second monthly column in USGlass Magazine, I addressed key-operated locks, AKA double-cylinder deadbolts.  Many people believe that these locks are not allowed on doors in a means of egress, because most egress doors must be operable from the egress side without a key, tool, special knowledge or effort.  However, if certain criteria are met, double-cylinder deadbolts are code-compliant.

Do you know the answer to this question:  Where can key-operated locks be used on doors in a means of egress?  If not, check out the post on the USGlass website!

USGlass Magazine is the largest trade publication that specifically serves the architectural glazing industry.  From manufacturing and fabrication, to distribution and installation, the magazine covers all facets of the industry – including the code requirements that apply to these openings!  As the list of my monthly posts grows, you can click here for the whole library.  🙂

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